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There are many things that are important to learn as a violin beginner. This email course leaves nothing out!

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The Fastest Way to Learn the Violin as a Total Newbie!

Many people are unsure exactly how to apply the proper techniques and skills into playing the violin. It's time to realize that you can start learning today, if you you have the proper lessons and motivation. Michael Sanchez has put together 30 lessons (delivered daily via email) so you can get assignments and knowledge that you need to start playing your very first song. 

What You'll Discover in Lesson 1 of this Course:

  • How to Rosin the Bow
    Having proper rosin on the bow will allow the bow hair to grab the violin strings properly.
  • How To Tighten the Bow
    Many beginners start playing without understanding the critical aspect of how tight the bow should be.
  • How to Hold the Violin
    It's super important to have the proper hold on the violin before you start playing your first note. 
  • How to Stroke the Bow
    Holding the bow properly and understanding how to move the bow will help you get a good sound on the violin.

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