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    Mona T

    Forgive the cheesy Chicago 17 reference 🙂

    Seriously, I don’t remember this being a problem a long time ago: I’ve noticed aching around the base of my thumb and pointer finger on my left hand during and after playing. I finally looked at my hand while playing and realize how tense I’m holding it. Instead of having my thumb bent and relaxed, it is way tense & hyper-extended back so it’s pointing somewhat in the direction of the scroll.

    Other than making the mental effort to correct it while I play, any suggestions on exercised I could do to fight this?

    Any bad habits you all have you’d like to share?

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    I had some left-hand pain from gripping the neck too tightly, so I went back to fundamental basics. The Violin Tutor Pro YouTube channel helped me remember how to hold the violin correctly. I just had to hear it again and practice like a beginner. There’s a great vid called “How to Hold the Violin Properly Using a Shoulder Rest” in the section called Beginner Violin Lessons-Under 1 Year Experience. Another vid called “Top 5 Bad Habits on Violin-Technique Tuesdays!” talks about proper finger placement starting around 22:25. Hope this helps your hand feel better!

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