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    So I understand everyone has their own practice regime. I would like to know the practice routines of each person in adult violin group.

    How long do you practice? Frequency of practice?

    What is your go-to warm up exercise?

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    Since I’m 1 month into this I 1st go through 2 books I have that have scales and simple songs. Right now I’m doing C & G major scales. Then I do Wohlfard Etudes book I just got. I am ow practicing 40 minutes/day

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    I do the quarter drill and the pinky drill at 5 minutes each. I think that is all I can do on those. Then, I do scales for 7 and 1/2 minutes, right now, D and E flat major. I play Wolfhardt etudes 7 1/2 minutes, and I work on a performance piece for 7 1/2 to 15 minutes. I know Mike says to divide into thirds, but the drills and the etudes tend to wear me out a bit.

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    40 minutes a day. Wow thats awesome. I practice actually for 15 minutes then I get distracted and start looking up violin pieces on youtube and just get awe-struck on them 😀

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    I dedicate one hour to practice, more or less. My practice routine (daily):
    – starts with index drill and some bow movements (5 min)
    – scales (10-15min)
    – etudes: Wolfhart n 13 and n 31 (now) over 20 min
    – piece the rest of the time. My teacher gave me several pieces to work on for the summer holidays, so I started with the new one, practicing slow the most difficult parts. After that I try to play it without stops. And last thing I do is to play one or two time the pieces I already learned and practice the days before.

    This is my ideal scheme 🙂 . If I don’t have enough time, I reduce all the times.

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    I have a pretty unstructured practice routine, but I am playing constantly it feels like. I usually play for anywhere between 10-30 minutes multiple times throughout the day. I usually start out slowly bowing and working on intonation. Then start speeding up and trying to keep my wrist relaxed. Sometimes I play scales, sometimes I play tunes I’m working on. It all seems to balance out.

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    Priscilla Gaskins

    well I have a hard time sticking to a routine- I am not much of an organized person but when O practice I try to get all the essentials in- I nearly always start with a scale, I to intonation,string crossings,index finger drill and try to do something on third position

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    I start with bowing exercises and practice, then scales, then etudes, then if I’m not too tired, musical piece. I don’t time what I do, just practice each until I either see progress or am stuck and need a break. If I’m getting frustrated, I go back and play something easier or fun to end on a positive note that feels successful.

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    I start by tuning my violin. Then I put it down. Then I play a few scales. Then I put it down. Then I play some things I feel comfortable with. Then I put it down.Then some new stuff that needs more work. I put it down. Now it is a half hour past bedtime and I play a song I am supposed to be working on, do some rhythm only work, then frequently end with pizzicato on a new piece just to get the left hand better. I am still bad about bowing drills but will get there. I am kind of all over the place and a spaz. But I practice every night after work, which is just before bed (I work incredibly long days). Once I was so tired I was going to bed without practicing and thought “nope, I can’t do this.” I got up and tuned her (I just realized she is a her!) and did a few scales. I guess it’s just like flossing my teeth now. I can’t close my eyes until it has been done:-)

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