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    You get up in the morning and hold your electric toothbrush in a bow hold 🙂

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    cheryl Anne

    LOL! I do that too.

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    You stop playing air guitar and switch to air violin. 🙂

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    Lydia Tran

    You cry when people touch the bow hair….
    Or literally feel your heart break when your rosin breaks…

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    Rebecca Rivera

    You freak out when something touches your violin. Or you cringe when your tutor tells you stories of common things that have to happened to other people– bridge’s collapsing, strings snapping, dropping rosin on concrete. It’s like horror stories. My violin is like my child… lol. :p

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    William Bickerstaff

    Every time you pick up a pencil, you hold it like a bow… and even take a few practice strokes.

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    Carolyn Rutter

    Your dog gets up and leaves the room when he sees your violin come out of the case….true story.

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    Dianne Adkins

    Here’s one, you dream about your violin. In my dreams, I have frantically searched for my violin in strange houses and towns. I have even carried my violin in the case over my head, in chest deep flood waters to keep it dry till I reach dry land!

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    Your dog howls when you play….and you know for sure the dog is not “singing along” True Story! For her, I have a practice mute even though I prefer practicing at full volume.

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