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    Michael Sanchez

    Hi everybody,

    Scales are important! We discuss why you need to play them in this video. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Hm, an hour of scale? My teacher had me play every single major scale, would you say the hour of scale practice would be playing all scales, or just few I should concentrate on? I didn’t agree with my teacher that I should play all the scales.

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    Thanks for repeating the importance of playing scales. I practice scales every day and it’s helping me a lot to have better intonation. I really like playing scales. Because I can fully focus on tone and intonation which is a lot harder when playing pieces because then there are so many other things that also need my attention.

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    William Bickerstaff

    Scales (and arpeggios) help me with improvisation.

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    Laurel Wilson

    Personally I am a fan of playing up to 4 flats and 4 sharps two octave major scales with the arpeggios as a minimum. Whats the opinion out there on doing the minors? Do you do harmonic? Melodic?

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    I’m grateful for the encouragement to play scales. Somehow I never learned them! Better late than never. And they really are helpful!

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    I didn’t like scales for years, but finally learned to love them last year,

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    I have been avoiding them and only would only look into them when learning a new piece. For the past few weeks I really made some deliberate effort to do scales almost daily. I think I found the Holy Grail of violin playing…lol….but to be fair, it has been repeated in violin lesson videos to me many times over the past 4 years and I am only discoverying their value now.

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    William Bickerstaff

    Vary your scales routine.. different bowings, rhythms, notes per bow, etc.

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    Christie Nicklay

    I use scales to warm up before playing anything. Since recently upgrading to a violin with no tapes to guide me, doing scales has become paramount to my intonation and finger pattern placement. I enjoy them immensely.

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