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    Elizabeth Davis

    I was so excited to hear I’d won the electic violin from Michael and the guys at Superior Violins! Can’t wait for my Zebra electric violin to arrive!

    Our school owns one black acoustic-electric violin already, and all the kids want to play it. Now we could have 2 soloists plug in and jam!

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    Phillip Sindlinger

    Congratulations, Elizabeth! I am sure it will not go un-played nor unused.

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    Michael Sanchez

    About to send you the electric violin on Monday Elizabeth! Really looking forward to getting your reaction, it is a great instrument!

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    Elizabeth Davis

    It’s here, and this is the hit of the party!

    How the whole thing arrived
    Everything here ready to plug and play

    Some comments from friends and acquaintances:

    “Oh wow. Super, super nice!”
    “That is cool!”
    “showed this to my Daughter…her reaction was ‘I want one of those'”
    “I’m jealous. Congrats on the win.”

    I also noted: “And remember (or if you didn’t know), they’re having this prize this month:

    Several of my friends are entered now.

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    Beautiful! Congratulations! I’m very happy for you!

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    Elizabeth Davis

    In the out of the closet and into the spotlight department – I’m playing tomorrow night at the B-Sharp Closing Recital where among other things I’ll be improvising on the electric violin (in G, thankfully) as the kids march in to the sanctuary to start the show.

    This is the Closing Recital for the 6th Annual “B-Sharp Summer Music Enrichment Academy” at Timothy Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve been subbing as strings teacher this last week of the camp and we’ve had fun times comparing violin to viola to cello in demonstrations, playing simple songs, learning how to get smoother bow strokes. The kids are 8 to 11, and some of them never even held a violin before this camp.

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