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    Kevin DeSilva

    Recently, Michael posted a video asking us to question why we decided to learn how to play the Violin.

    I have been thinking about this for several months now and believe I am beginning to understand my own reasons a bit better …….. this is a wonderful inquiry and, speaking as a Spiritual Counsellor (etc), I highly encourage others to look into this question.

    Spend time with it … the answers may, as they have for me, take many months (or longer) to slowly come into focus.

    For me ….

    I have much inside myself that longs to get out – to express itself.

    There are memories from this lifetime and others … joys and sorrows, pain and pleasures.

    Certainly, there are a few things that are far to horrendous to mention here in words … things that make the worst of nightmares seem as a fun-ride at Disneyland.

    Amongst a many other things, I am separately certified as a Medium and as an Intuitive ….. these certifications are feathers on the cloak of a Full Empath. Over the many decades, I have developed the ability to tune out or into residual or current events.

    What does it mean to be an Empath? … Without getting into a full explanation, which would take quite a while; a basic idea would be to say that an Empath no only feels (deeply) their own emotions, experiences and memories, etc … but, also, those of all life – everywhere.

    A Full Empath (there are many degrees of this beginning with the “Clairs” (Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, etc), is able to experience the trauma or joys of another being … to smell and taste the birthday cake of 40 years ago … to fully, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally experience anything that another life form has experienced at any time or in any place.

    All this to lay a foundation for my next words;

    In order to answer Michael’s question – “Why did we choose to learn the Violin?” …. I believe, we must examine ourselves deeply ….. which may or may not bring up things hidden for a long time.

    I have been very fortunate, this lifetime, to have met and ‘hung out with” many of the greatest musical artists of the 20th century …. and all of them have left their mark upon my memory …. upon my Spirit ….. I have a part of them inside my mind and inside my heart.

    I have witnessed, first hand; horrendous acts of cruelty and suffering and pain … the memories of this remains, to this very day, as real as the days they occurred.

    My own life experience is FAR from two or three dimensional …. !!

    My Life experience has been very interesting, colorful and varied.

    My Spirit sings a beautiful note ….

    My very life essence longs to communicate ….

    As a teacher:
    I teach my students how to discover the one who does the deed;
    The one who observes the doing of the deed;
    The one who who is aware of the observer;
    Finally, to let go of the journey and finally understand.

    To me ……. The Violin has the Perfect Voice for communicating that which that immortal part of “me” longs to sing.

    For some; it may be drums, a flute or guitar … for others, it may be singing (like my Bride) … for others, it may be painting, sculpting or cooking … for others, it may be cycling, swimming, dancing, acting or mountain climbing …. etc., etc., etc.

    I think, most importantly, we must each find that unique method of communication that best expresses that inner voice within us …. such a unique journey … such a unique song.

    I am so very grateful, honored and blessed to have heard two Violins call out to me in 53 years … to touch my Heart so deeply and completely.

    Thank you, Michael, Dianne and the others at Superior Violins …. and thank you everyone who has shared this journey of discovery with me …. each and everyone of you are precious jewels to my heart …… with the deepest Love – thank you <3

    Thank you, especially, Micheal … for doing everything you have done … for moving mountains for me ….. for being the matchmaker that has brought that special Girl into my Heart.

    Thank you (insert whatever Name sings within your beautiful Heart here) …… for shining Your Light and showing me the path.

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    Kevin, I really like you post. I can tell you and I have much in common.

    When there weren’t so many around that I was concerned about waking up, I would on occasion pick my violin and just start playing, and whatever came out would reflect my mood. It was like channeling my own energy through my violin if you know what I mean.

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    Kevin DeSilva

    Yes … I do understand very clearly <3

    Through my eyes, everything is alive and is also sentient ….. including Violins.

    I have found that, every now and again, that special bond forms between a certain Violin and a person … it is in these times, a pure expression of Heart energy can be shared through music.

    A Violin communicates through Soul-to-Soul connection …. the effects, we have all experienced – crying or being overjoyed after only hearing a few notes being played.

    When that special bond happens …. even plucking a note or two will resonate far, far deeper than any other thing …. the Violin is in harmony with the person’s “Om” or unique harmonic … the Violin becomes, vibrationally speaking, an extension of our deepest selves.

    With such a relationship … even the wiping down of the Violin is an act of Love.

    There are some of us here who are also deeply “Religious” … and others who are deeply “Spiritual” ….. Music has long been, in a great many cultures and Faiths and Paths, a pathway to The Divine ……. whatever that looks like, the feeling is the same <3

    To play or pluck a note or two with gratitude …. Wow …. what an experience.

    A Violin can transport a person from the coarse to the sublime.

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    I’ve only been moved to tears by the sheer beauty of music twice. Once was during my second concert with Chandler Symphony in 2004. There was a young lady that played the dulcimer, not electric, just a regular dulcimer. I met her once before the concert. She was working with my violin teacher, who was also the conductor of our orchestra, on her solo.

    In the concert, we played 3 or 4 number, full orchestra. I think we had 60 violins. When it came time for her solo, most of us went back stage. I was sitting in a chair. I could see her playing as I looked through a small opening in the curtain. It was so beautiful that I had tears rolling down my face. I had to clean up before I could go back on stage and finish the concert. I never forget a tune or melody, but I can not remember what the title of the music was.

    The other time was last week when my daughter and I played at a funeral. I wasn’t very close to the person that passed away, but I could feel the emotions of the family members who weren’t sitting very far away. Before my daughter played a young woman played a harp solo called Angle. Yes, it was so beautiful I had to take a moment to wipe my eyes before we played.

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    I am severely dyslexic, and I cannot read music. I have tried for years, but to no avail. I play the trumpet, fluglehorn, and saxophone by ear. I am a very visual learner, so I have watched videos and other people playing and did the same. Learning the violin is on my bucket list and I absolutely Love the sound. If I could learn The theme from Schindler’s List, I would be a very happy man. :0)

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    Kevin DeSilva

    Hi Bruno,

    One of the teachers here on Violin Tutor Pro made a video to help studente learn this very song … I hope it helps!

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    Kevin DeSilva

    HI HDuaneaz … Two wondeerful stories!! … Thank you for sharing! <3

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    I am more spiritual than religious.

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    Kevin DeSilva

    As am I <3

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