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    Sary Miller
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    Did you start with classical violin and switch? Did anyone here not bother with ‘violin’ style first? What inspired you? Was there a particular band or piece? Was it part of your culture?

    For myself, I come from a long cajun heritage and grew up with fiddle music as part of my lifestyle. As an adult having moved far away from that culture, it just makes sense to me to bring it in to my home space as much as I can.


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    I started playing Irish traditional music on the tenor banjo about fifteen years ago, and decided about 3 years ago to try the tunes on a fiddle. This required of course, learning an entirely new technique to play the tunes I already knew. It’s been a challenge.


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    I too started with banjo. First OT clawhammer then ITM. Seemed like a natural thing to take up fiddle. Been studying ITM mostly but have used some classical instruction for technical reasons. The classical basics seem important to me to get the proper structure.


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    I like fiddle tunes as a fun break from practicing classical music. My playing fiddle style doesn’t seem as deficient as it does when playing classical music. With classical music the music I like best is more difficult to play well than my current playing level. I do love classical music, though. I plan to keep working to improve both styles.


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    I’ve never had classical training. I started playing fiddle about 6 yes ago, self taught or self driven, took piano from grade 3 to 6, started playing trumpet & guitar in 7th grade and played both in high school. Years ago I heard bluegrass and thought I would like learn that, but the fiddle sound had a very strong pull for me. So it’s been a hobby for me as a late in life fiddler, learning from a couple DVDs how to play fiddle, how to play old time, Irish, gypsy jazz etc.


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    There’s just something about the pure sound of a fiddle that pleases me.


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    My sister played mandolin


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    My first teacher had me order a Fiddle Book ini addition to my classical song book for exposure. I continue to take lessons through Suzuki but play just as much “Fiddle Music”. I find “fiddle music” easier to memorize as the songs are not as lengthy and the repeat pattern makes it easier for me.


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    because I thought it might be easier than classical, I might have been mistaken:)


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    I started out with Fiddle and although some classical pieces are beautiful it seems like you have to be rigid and spend YEARS on technical stuff before any real music happens. Fiddle music can be very demanding but is way more fun and happy. I like just sitting around and fiddling around after dinner outside in the gazebo. I like working out different tunes and songs that appeal to me. I started with a Fiddle Teacher one of the best for about a year until he passed away otherwise I would still be with him. I made more progress with him in the short time we had together than I would have with any other teacher. Now I use online sources and YouTube Videos and meet regularly with like minded friends for a Slow Jam.


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    I’m a tenor banjo player, but the fiddle is more traditional to Irish traditional music.


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    What got me interested in violin was my girlfriend. She was a member of the high school orchestra and is now a member of her college orchestra and it was interesting to watch her and eventually I started trying it out and it was fun!


    Chelle Neufeld
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    I was working at a school where all the kids started taking fiddle in third grade. It seemed cool.

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