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    Who inspired or inspires you to play the violin?

    I first fell in love with the idea of playing the violin in 1995 when Vanessa Mae released her self-titled album. I still aspire to play some of the pieces she played on that album and from her subsequent albums. I also love to see and hear Joshua Bell and Itzhak Perlman play.

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    Pat Ireland, my teacher. About six years ago or so, he played violin with a friend who sings at a restaurant. He blew me away with his solos. The next day I googled him! I saw him at the grocery store a few weeks later and gushed over him and he was very kind and receptive. Fast forward to 4 months ago and I made the leap to learning from him. Other players who influence me are (among many others) Roman Kim and David Garrett.

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    Joshua Bell has to be an important influence in my case and Ray Chen too. But mostly Joshua Bell and Daniel Hope.

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    Thanks for sharing your inspirations. I will be checking them out!

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    Kevin DeSilva

    Hi There,

    I knew Professor Geoffrey Tankard as “Grandad” … he was a very close and dearly loved friend of the family … we hung out a lot and he greatly inspired me musically at an early age (he also inspired me to be a Gentleman).

    I met Yehudi Menuhin about 1975 (ish) … I was 12-13 years old att he time and found him to be a very serious and intense person … but, also, very kind. By the way – he is as awesome in person playing the Violin as you would imagine from the old videos. He Inspired me greatly.

    I met a Stradivarius Violin (also about 1975) ….. she touched my Heart so very deeply and profoundly … she began a Love for the Violin that has burned within me ever since.

    More recently, Itzak Perlman has been a great inspiration. I would absolutely LOve to meet him one day.

    Yo Yo Ma, although not a Violinist, has inspired me musically … a wonderful man and awesome musician.

    Anne Akiko Meyers has inspired me so profoundly … I feel she has become an inner love – an inner inspiration to learn and be as good as I can be … she leaves me silent and in awe – I admire her greatly as a person and as a Violinist.

    Rachel Barton Pine ….. she reminded me of the beauty of Baroque ….. very intelligent and talented Violinist …. another great Inspiration.

    Finally, for now …… both Michael and Grandpa Sanchez … both of these guys have taught me a great deal – I find them to be very inspiring both as Violinists and as people.

    Honourable Mention to Loreena McKennitt who has inspired me with her musical talent ….. her music touches me deeply.

    A few other Violists I really enjoy listening to include Taylor Davis, Tracy Silverman, Lindsey Sterling, Martine Kraft and Máiréad Nesbitt.

    What an amazing journey … <3

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    I get a lot of inspiration from the piano guys and Linsy sterling .

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    I got my inspiration from a friend, he played the Viola for YEARS and I saw a YouTube video of him playing. I’ve always wanted to play the violin after learning the guitar, so it was like a step up in the right direction to pursue playing yet another string instrument.

    As for the popular violinists, I like Hilary Hahn and Ray Chen 🙂

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    I got my inspiration from a Japanese animation of classical musical instruments. It was amazing how the violin started and I was intrigued. From there I went to YouTube and discovered a violinist called Lindsay Stirling and since that day I got really inspired and wanted to try it out.

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    I find myself inspired by Einaudi. I started playing again because of a friend, but hard for her to inspire when she doesn’t have the time to play!

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