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    Michael Sanchez

    Do you keep your instrument in a certain part of your house? Do you leave your case open before/after you practice? Do you travel with your instrument often? Share with our community!

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    When I am practicing, it’s either on the couch, or on my bed, depends on where I play. When I am not playing, it’s in my closet. I never leave the case open when I am not practicing. I do do some traveling weekly when I bring it to church for rehearsal and performance. I play in my church group.

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    Mine sits next to my desk. I open the case every morning and lay my violin in the case when not playing it. I clean it off from rosin every night and put it and my bow away with the bow hairs loosened, then close and lock my case. Same routine the next morning.

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    William Bickerstaff

    At night, when I don’t have a gig, my violin is in it’s closed case at the foot of my bed on the floor.
    During the day I put it on my bed, case opened with shoulder rest attached and I will grab it from there and do a little practice (scales, arpeggios and etudes) several times a day for about 15 – 20 minutes at a time.

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    Mackenzie Alldrin

    My cello has a stand and it lives in the corner of my bedroom. It does get pretty dusty because it sits out, but wrestling it in and out of its case every day would be a nightmare. It’s pretty obvious sitting there, so it doesn’t get tripped over. I pack it up once a week to go to youth orchestra rehearsals, and usually I have some other gig in a typical week, too.

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    Brad Stevens

    I’m late to the conversation, but my Scott Cao violin hangs on the wall in my office at church. An old violin that I restored stays on top of my fully restored 1903 B. Shoninger upright grand piano — I have this fantasy that it benefits from sympathetic vibrations since I play the piano much more often. My favorite, old violin stays in her case for security, but I’m afraid that I neglect her in there — out of sight out of mind, I guess.

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    I keep mine next to my recliner.on a small side table. Open for most of the day, as I sit there during the day. I have a back problem that keeps me from standing and moving around a lot. Harder to learn correct positioning but it is what it is. I am more likely to pick it up to try to play with it setting near me. than If I have to go to the table and stand to practice. Once I have learned enough not to embarrass myself with my squeaks and squeals I will take the violin with me to events I attend that have impromptu bands. lol Hide my playing in among other players that come together to play pre 1600 dance music.

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    I store my instruments in its case. I usely take them out about 1 hour before playing them to allow them to adjust to the climate.

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    I store my violin in the case under my bed. I’ve had it for almost 30 years and it’s very sentimental to me. I make sire I keep it out of direct sunlight and extreme cold. I almost treat it like a baby! 🙂

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    I store mine in the case near my bed

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