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    When I was starting to learn Vibrato I quickly realized that I’ll never come far when I’m not training my muscles first. It’s always said that you need to relax your hand, but no one seems to know that you can’t be relaxed when your muscles are too weak. Imagine it being like lifting a heavy rock with only one hand. It’s an impossible thing to do “relaxed” with weak muscles. Your muscles need special training before you can even start to learn vibrato. You also use muscles for vibrato you rarely really use in your everyday live, so your muscles are certainly too weak.

    I started training my muscles by putting a stone (or any heavy thing) in my hand and wiggling my wrist back and forth, sideways, and turning it until my muscles started to hurt a bit. (at the beginning, they started to hurt for me after about 5 seconds, but I could keep it going for up to 10 minutes.) I gave the muscles that started to hurt faster extra attention. Make sure your movement comes from your wrist, and not your arm.
    Don’t stop when your muscles start to hurt, but don’t exaggerate it and take regular breaks. If you don’t have anything heavy just do it with empty hands. Adding weight just increases the efficiency and is not necessary.

    When I attempted to do vibrato again a few weeks later, it was way easier and I learned to do a good vibrato in just about 3 weeks, only 4 or 5 months after I started learning the violin. (though, it’s pretty inconsistent since I neglected more detailed practice.)
    Keep in mind this is focused on wrist vibrato. I didn’t really practice arm vibrato because I felt my arm was strong enough and my wrist was holding me back.
    For training your arm, keep your wrist stiff and make the movement come out of your elbow instead.

    I hope this post is helpful and please share it with other people to make their learning process easier! If something something isn’t clear enough or even wrong, give me a hint and I’ll see what I can do about it.

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    Nice tip. Makes sense to me. I’m not learning vibrato yet (that’s my goal for 2016), but I’ll keep this in mind, very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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    I will keep this in mind when i get to that point. Very helpful!

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    Very helpful, thx !

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    I hope I learn how to do the vibrato

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    Very helpful. Thanks! I’ll keep this in mind when I attempt vibrato. 🙂

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    That’s a great way to build strength for the vibrato. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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    Sarah Juarez

    I’ll keep this tip in mind when I start learning vibrato! 🙂 Thanks!

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    I don’t know what hand is typically used for playing the violin, because I haven’t started to learn yet, but I keep seeing things about the left hand. I have weak muscles as it is, and I’m right handed, so it sounds like learning vibrato will be an… Interesting journey, to say the least!
    Thanks for the tip on how to strengthen the muscles! I never would have thought about it that way!

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    Thanks, I was also trying the vibrato, but i failed. Wery smart

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