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    Hello Everyone,
    My passion for the violin started when a friend of mine showed me videos of Lindsey Stirling. Since I seen the different ways a violin can be added to dance and different pieces I fell in love with the violin. Ever since then I have been wanting to learn and see what creative things I can do when playing the violin like Lindsey Stirling does. This is how my passion started for the violin, but also the melody of the violin is so beautiful and relaxing.
    So what started your passion playing the violin?

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    I watched my sister, who is 8 years older, play concertos as a young teenager, She was a wonderul player even as a young teen. Now I play to deal with grief and loss. It is a big help and a huge comfort.

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    I saw someone on TV playing a classical piece beautifully and said, “I’d love to be able to play like that”. I was in 3rd grade or possibly 4th (I’m not sure.) My parents had me at the music store the next day, or very soon afterwards!

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    For me I was four years old and I was an episode of Sesame Street. At least I think it was Sesame Street, it could have been a different kids show. There was a white background, a character was introducing pictures of different instruments, and a little passage from each instrument was played. I was trying to decide if I liked flute or violin better. I think the violin was the first serious decision I ever made haha. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head that I wanted to sound like that. My parents wouldn’t let me start lessons until I was five though, I think it amazed them that I kept asking for a violin for a whole year!

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    I started in sixth grade. My interest was sparked by watching Lindsey Stirling. Becuase I was so young, I didn’t realize what the real power of music was so I would think of it as notes on a page. Now that I’m older and as my years of playing violin have progressed, I realize what that power is. To me, music is an outlet and it’s something I’m very passionate about. It’s somewhere you can display emotion. So even though I started because I saw Lindsey Stirling and just thought she looked cool, my passion evolved into something more.

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    I’d say what got me interested was watching my girlfriend play viola in the orchestra we have at school. The orchestra teacher was also very enthusiastic about his job and was very close with all of his students.

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    When I was eight years old, my Sunday school teacher showed the class her violin. She carried it around the class and had everybody try to make a sound with the bow. The topic of the class was talents. This is all it took to peak my interest in the violin.

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