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    Christie Nicklay

    I’ve been using a KUN shoulder rest. I like how comfortable it is on my shoulder, but I’m still having left-hand tension. I recently purchased the Bonmusica because I thought the shoulder “hook” style would be ideal. I found that it didn’t sit on my shoulder as comfortably as the KUN and I couldn’t lower it enough. I was having to raise my chin quite a bit in order to hold my violin. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Dianne Adkins

    Hi Christie, may I ask why you think the left hand tension you’re experiencing is caused by the shoulder rest you’re using? I used to use a couple different ones as I was growing up but when I began to play professionally, I really had to check on this issue, because when it came time for shifting into upper positions, I just felt like my violin was not secure and it moved inward as my hand began to travel up the fingerboard. Then I tried the KUN and have used it ever since. I like the kind they originally made, not the collapsible version. I recommend the KUN to ALL my students too on all sizes of violins from about 1/2 size and up.

    You can play with angles. Sometimes people with more narrow shoulders need to pull the upper end toward the left, bringing it closer to the person’s neck.

    But so many things can cause left hand tension, so it might be a good idea for us to talk this through beyond shoulder rests.

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    Christie Nicklay

    Hello Dianne…
    The reason I think my left hand tension is caused by my shoulder rest is because it doesn’t feel like my violin is secure on my shoulder, so I’m squeezing my neck and gripping my left hand to hold it in place. And once I start playing, I can feel pain in my hand and neck, which causes me to continually adjust the position of my violin. I ordered another shoulder rest style from Michael that I’m going to try. I have a lesson tonight, so will also have my teacher work with me.

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