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    I started out on Piano and for many many years that was all I played. But now I also play guitar, ukulele, mandolin and harmonica. I took up the fiddle/violin after I retired as I knew it was going to be a rough instrument to learn….I was right. ha ha

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    I played drums in high school when I moved to a school that didn’t have an orchestra.

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    I play piano. I have been taking lessons for almost 5 years. This has helped me understand and deal with my feelings and hurts that caused me to quit violin as a teen. I realized that I wanted to play violin again, too. I also taught myself some guitar when I was in college, but haven’t played since then and never played it very well. Piano and violin are my focus.

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    Priscilla Gaskins

    I play piano and flute- I started piano as a child – had a great teacher but of course piano did not interest me at the time. Now I am taking private lessons because I want to improve,get a professional sound and learn more. I am finding it totally fascinating! I take from a Russian lady and just can’t get enough of learning from her!
    I started flute as an adult when in my late 50’s and took for about 9 years and of course learning violin

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    Marguerite Yates

    Guitar, but I also dabble a little in piano. I also have a banjo that my dad gave me.

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    Cynthia Tuck

    I play guitar, ukulele, some piano, and violin. When going to school I played sousaphone, and trumpet.

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    Scott Adams

    I started out on viola, then learned guitar. I majored in voice & composition in college and learned piano/keyboard along the way. I now play and teach violin as well as the original viola. Things continue going full-circle. 🙂

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