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    Michael Sanchez

    I want to know what makes you love the violin. The beautiful sound? The ability it can make you relax? Share your thoughts here!

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    There is something special about the music a violin produces and learning to play it is very satisfying.

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    I personally love all string instruments, but violin has a soaring quality to the sound. As a pianist, I am always trying to sound more melodious and less percussive, imitating either a singer(s) or a string instrument. As much as I love the piano, I am limited to a hammer striking a specific pitch and fading. On a violin or viola, however, I can “color” the pitches higher or lower to create certain moods, bring the leading tone closer to the tonic, etc, and the continuous sound of the bow opens a whole dimension of phrasing, dynamics, texture, I could go on. There is so much more freedom of expression if I could but master the concept of relaxing my l.h. As there are so many more possibilities, so there is also more complex technique, training, and musical creativity.

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    Michael Sanchez

    I love how you can get away from everything that is stressful in your life, and just enjoy playing music. There has been so many times I have enjoyed getting away and playing music.

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    I’m a total beginner and I can’t wait to learn to play. I have always loved the way the violin sounds. How it can make you happy or sad. On my way home from work I often play some violin music to wind down from my hectic day. I pretend I’m playing the music and I always smile.

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    This sound…
    First time i managed a quite good vibrato i realised that i am falling in love with violin…

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    i agree with u on that michael. i met w/my chamber group yesterday and it was nice to just get away from everything. we had a few laughs and it was fun. in fact, i’ll tell you what was so funny yesterday. one of the ppl in the group said “yeah, tom’s copy doesn’t say divertimento on it.” and a few minutes before we were talking about the lights on the music stands. so then ray, who is old and sometimes can’t hear that well said “probably because it’s not plugged in!” hahahhah it was funny.

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    Michael Sanchez

    I encourage anybody out there that hasn’t joined a group yet to consider it—it’s a lot of fun. Not to mention you’ll really improve your playing! The best way to do this would be to call local private teachers in town and see what they would recommend. They always know what groups are out there and could even pair you up with a few students that might be interested in forming a small group. I would recommend this to any students that have been playing at least 2 years.

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    There are a lot of reason why I took up the violin. Personal achievement, like the sound of the violin, like the way the violin looks, the history of the violin, and because I want to play in an orchestra where I will do what all other violinists are doing.

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    When I was younger, i actually wanted to play the cello. But my sister quit violin and my mom insisted I just play the violin instead because it’d be easier to lug on the school bus everyday. Back then, I played my violin well enough to be first chair in the orchestra. It was only til recently I cared to pick it up again and am realizing how much more I have to learn!
    Other than its beauty in appearance and sound, what most intrigues me to get back into it is the level of skill you must reach to play well. I don’t expect to play at a professional level but I think I’d enjoy the journey there and hope to come close to sounding like a pro!
    One day, I’d hope to share the skill I gain and music I play with others.
    If Music is a universal language…then I hope to be fluent in violin. 🙂

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