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    I currently play a Francesco Cervini copy of the 1718 Stradivarius (student instrument) but I’m looking around for a new instrument.

    What kind of violin do you have? Do you have more than one violin?

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    Priscilla Gaskins

    I just recently got a Damiano from Michael-I only have the one now- when I first started I purchased from a friend who bought violins at estate sales and restored them-they were very inexpensive-at one time I had 3 of his- then I purchsed from my luthier-cant remember the name of the one I traded in for the Damiano-I really like the violin-fell in love with it when I first pulled the bow across the strings.I hope one day to get a Topa from Michael

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    I have a Franke Henner for my right-handed violin and a Cecilio for my left-handed one. If I get another one, I will definitely get it from Michael. BTW, the reason I also have a left-handed violin is that I was having pain bowing right-handed a couple of months ago, and wasn’t willing to give up the violin.

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