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    Michael Sanchez

    I remember the best memory I have as a young musician is when I was first chair all four years in my high school orchestra. I was the only guy in orchestra and although I probably didn’t appreciate it as much I should have, I was a pretty lucky guy! This experience really helped me build passion for the violin that ultimately led me to where I’m at now with making violin my primary career. What are some things you guys remember as young musicians?

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    I was never a “musician” but I remember how much I loved sitting at my grandmothers piano as a very young girl and playing simple Christmas songs.

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    Spending two summers in my high school years playing cello at the Aspen Music Festival with Walter Trampler (famous violist) as our ensemble coach. It was a fun time and a beautiful location.

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    Michael Sanchez

    Thanks for sharing guys!

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    My fondest memory as a young player? That would have to be when I entered the Roanoke Youth Symphony Orchestra at age 11. It was a fantastic experience, and continues to be this day!

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    Celia Levy

    My first memory as a musician was sitting at the piano and learning Old MacDonald by ear when I was 2 years old than my other favorite memory is learning the song Air by J,S. Bach on the violin by ear myself.

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    Scott Adams

    Some of my favorite memories from being a young musician were when the solo/ensemble competition came around each year. Most years I would be the violist in a string quartet or trio. Those were times I’d get the chance to learn more about other players I didn’t spend time with the rest of the year. I also developed a love for the intimacy of chamber music that I still hold today.

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    I’m by far a “professional,” I’ve mostly played in churches all my life. I began at 9 learning the violin. I remember one time when our local paper advertised for musicians for orchestra when I was about 18 (1978). It didn’t pay, but was for the experience. I found out they were going to be playing in a huge Catholic church for a concert. I don’t remember what position I had, (I know it wasn’t first), but I loved the experience. It was great fun!

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    Two fond memories: I am the 3rd oldest of 10 children. WE all played different instruments. Fondest memory was playing together with my brothers and sisters and performing for our grandparents during each holiday. I usually did the singing even though I was learning to play the piano. 2nd fond memory was receiving the John Phillip Sousa award my senior year in high school. During high school I played the French Horn.

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    I remember playing with my grandpa in the early 2000’s. I didn’t know what I was doing at all but it was a blast and one of my favorite memories!

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