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    Hello Everyone,
    Hope everyone is well and doing great. I was wondering what are some violin artists you may like or even look up too? I have always adored Lindsey Stirling and she is the one who got me into the violin. I seen her video and I was addicted, that is when I decided to get experience in a new instrument. I would love to hear your stories.
    Best of luck and wishes to you all,


    murakami sandy
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    for me to lindsey stirling is a model, i also like jun sung ahn, daniel jang,ikuko kawai, vanessa mae, mairead nesbitt et d’autres hihi ca fait beaucoup. and i also love very much the erhu so check out justin jia hongxuan or yungahn’s erhu fantasy. they are moving me so much


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    That is a tough question for me. There are so many wonderful violinists. Of course, Itzhak Perlman comes to mind first. I like Joshua Bell. I saw a video yesterday where Taylor Davis. I listened to her for about an hour and a half last night.


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    For me Itzhak Perlman; there are many other great violinists… but Perlman has some “special kind of magic” in his playing that speaks directly to my soul.


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    I also adore Itzhak Perlman’s playing. Also Hilary Hahn and several others.


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    I often listen to David Garrett’s classical pieces, Roman Kim is so adventurous and skilled and has some great You Tube videos. Lately, for musicality, I have really been into Ivry Gitlis. I also like Hillary Hahn, Julia Fisher, and Rachel Barton Pine. I am only beginning to appreciate classical music on the violin, so there are certainly going to be many other favorites. Each has their own signature sound, which makes it impossible to pick just one! Just this morning I found some recordings of Kreisler from the 1920’s and spent half an hour listening in awe….Violin has openen up so many new listening experiences to me. And to think, I originally wanted to play fiddle!


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    At the moment, the first violinist who comes to mind is Ray Chen, but there are so many out there my favourite could change tomorrow! I love how he posts really funny videos in his spare time.


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    Itzak Perlman.


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    My favorite violinist is Sean Mackin from the band Yellowcard. Probably an odd choice from a 50 year old but I have never been a huge fan of classical music. I do love certain classical pieces but I do not listen to it regularly. I had the opportunity to meet Sean a few years ago and he is such a kind and encouraging musician. We need more violin players like Sean and Lindsey Sterling to show young folks how “cool” the violin can be.



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    Favorite Artist: Daniel Jang
    Favorite Composer: Saint Saens


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    I enjoyed a concert by Eileen Ivers last year. Amazing fiddling.


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    Damien Escobar, JuhnCurry, and Lindsay Stirling are my top three. ^^

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