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    Michael Sanchez

    My Grandfather has been playing the violin for over 75 years. I will never forget this last Father’s day when he came and played the violin for us at our home. I never know how many more of these experiences I will have with him, and I’m hoping it isn’t the last. Here is the video we put together. He still plays very well for 90 years old!

    About 5 years ago, I got my first experience to tell everyone that came to our Christmas recital how greatful I was of both my Mom and Grandfather in how they raised me and pushed me to pursue music. Here is the video that I will never forget where both of them got standing ovations.

    I hope you all share with the rest of the community your experiences with music. Look forward to reading!

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    My favorite way to experience music is a walk down River Street, Savannah Georgia and listen to all the street musicians.

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    Every year in high school the priest would lead a little group of us (me and another girl on violin, another on flute and someone on piano) playing “Oh We Need a Little Christmas” – It always made him so happy to lead is in playing that song.

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    I broke three E strings the first time I tried to tune my violin. Pretty discouraging haha

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    Singing in Carnegie Hall

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    I really enjoy violin and piano music. A friend of mine is a violin maker and I’ve enjoyed learning about the process from block of wood to beautifully varnished instrument.

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    The most memorable experience I have had with music is competing against other schools at marching, concert, and jazz band competitions with my friends.

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    recently a fun and memorable experience i have had with music is when my teacher has been conducting the university orchestra i was/am in. he helps out wherever he is needed with the violin in the orchestra and whoa! when he told me that he was gonna be conducting ! i was very excited. i love my teacher!

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    I was in concert choir in high school, and we did many performances. One of the most exciting performances was when our choir group, along with others, got to sing the National Anthem at the Angels baseball stadium. The other one was, after we did a Christmas performance at a mall, a whole group of us got on the carousel and as it was going around, and around, we sang many songs!

    Now learning to play the violin, my instructor asked me what were some of the songs I wanted to learn how to play. She was very taken back with a great surprise when I held up the music sheet of Hava Naguila! And to her great surprise, and mine too, I almost have it down in a very short amount of time. It’s been a little challenging reading notes( but that’s coming along) as with prior instruments, and singing, I have always played by ear like my dad. 🙂

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    i just recently auditioned for all district orchestra and got in so that was a good expirence

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