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    Hello everyone! I’m very curious to hear what exactly influenced you to pick up the violin? Was it your family or friends? A video you watched? A song you heard that you wished you could play? It could be anything.

    Some of us are surrounded by musical influence and some of us are driven simply by the desire to want to learn. What was it that sparked your interest?

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    I actually first started when I was 16, stopped lesson only after a semester because of academic works. Started again in my 30s, now I am passionate, enthusiastic violin student, a big difference from when I was young, probably from being more mature than before. And this time I am not going to give it up, no matter what. I like the way violin sounds, and I also like that it’s so difficult, also because it’s portable, so I can bring it anywhere with me.

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    Hey yinmui! That’s very similar to me except I started earlier, in elementary, and was forced to put it down because when I moved to Guam, they didn’t have an orchestra. But here, in my thirties as well, I decided to pick it up again. I really enjoy it now and can’t wait to practice and learn something new.

    It was a street performance I watched on YouTube that reignited my drive to learn the violin. I was just amazed at the skills and thought it would be fun to try it out. Finding how difficult the violin can be, and all the practice and training you need is definitely what keeps me going. It’s a challenge for my brain!

    Thanks for your input. I enjoy hearing what others have to say about anything violin related 😉

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    Hi Belinda, hi Yinmui,
    I started this year at the age of 30. I’ve always loved to listen and watch how violinists make this wonderful music. The past months I’ve seen a lot of videos on Youtube of 2Cellos, Anne Akiko Meyers and Lindsey Stirling. And I’ve fallen in love with both the violin and cello. It’s amazing how this music fills you entirely with emotion. So I decided to not wait any longer and try and learn to play the violin myself. And I really love it!

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    When I was young, my father bought a violin from a pawn shop. He had always liked the sound of a violin and had finally found the opportunity to get one. No one in my family knew how to play it at the time, so we messed around with it for a while, but eventually it just got put away in the closet to collect dust since we could not afford lessons. Years later, I attended a high school that taught strings, so I brushed off the dust and began to learn. Four years later, with only two years of instruction, I have performed in an honor orchestra, my community orchestra, and am currently in a band. Out of all the instruments I have learned to play, I believe the violin is one of the most beautiful.

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    Hi jlkasper, that’s a cool story! Hope you keep enjoying the band you’re playing in! And I totally agree with you, the violin is really one of the most beautiful instruments!!

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    my school made me 🙂

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    i liked the feel of playing violin, feels very classy haha but also it is portable and very versatile

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    I never wanted to play the violin at first, I didn’t even know they existed. It was until I was in 5th grade that I discovered the violin. The school was holding try outs and I talked to my mom and she said that I can choose what ever instrument I find interesting. So I tried them all and for some reason I felt there was a gravitational pull to the violin. Ever since then I am in love with my instrument and I am so glad that chose to play this wonderful instrument.

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    I love the instrument and have always wanted to learn…I made the decision two years ago to learn and I have never looked back…I am very thankful I made the commitment, (it is a commitment)

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