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    Mona T

    What are your short-term and long-term musical goals? Are you playing simply for self-satisfaction or do you have another motivation? Career or pleasure?

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    Christie Morehouse

    Would like to play comfortably at our local jam. Maybe also play for weddings & funerals, & for family get togethers. I just really want to feel comfortable playing in public.

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    I would love to be a fluent sheet reader and lose my nerves when playing in public.

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    john voorhees

    I want to be comfortable with sheet music and basically play for my enjoyment.. I play with a small group once a week now but would like to be comfortable in our local jams. My interests are in country and celtic music and I have a lot of scottish music on hand.( bag pipe) that I can modify for violin.

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    Total newb to violin, mainly i want to be able to play celtic stuff, irish scottish etc and maybe some country.
    I think i may be insane though, because i am also learning tin whistle and bodhran. I am a total newb to allof those, i am also working on pickin up some celt guitar. I’ve played guitar for a while, mostly electric blues though, much different from what i am into now!

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    Em Ma

    I wish I would have an opportunity to play as a soloist with an orchestra one of my favourite major romantic concertos – Mendelsohn, Bruch no. 1, Sibelius or Dvorak. I have a long way to achieve this aim, so I have some smaller ones – being able to play Accolay concerto in a minor (I truly love this student concerto and I wish I will be working on it after finishing Komarovski no. 2). I have also some other pieces that I want or wanted to play. I have already achieved some of them – for example right now I am playing in a duo three pieces from Schostakovich 5 pieces for 2 violins and piano – Prelude (that I absolutelly love), Gavotte and Polka (it’s so challanging). I hope I could attend to an orchestra in my region, but all of them are for more advanced players than me.

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