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    Michael Sanchez

    I find one of the most difficult techniques to master is the perfectly clean up bow and down bow spiccato. What do you guys find most difficult about it?

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    The most difficult thing is when you must repeatedly go from spiccato to legato every few nootes.

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    Michael Sanchez

    I find it is all about flexibility in the right hand. If you have any sort of tension in your right hand when you play, you will find spiccato (and going back and forth) quite difficult. Try to find the balance point, and let the bow do the work. Forcing spiccato will make it impossible to be consistent with it.

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    Phillip Sindlinger

    I guess I have difficulty letting the bow “bounce naturally” so I should not sound off here in this forum seriously, and, yes, I only approach it–spacatto and spicatto– sporadically Spaccato and spicatto, what are they again?

    If I let it go, so goes my bow control. There is an intermediate etude study #5 In Kayser’s Progressive Studies Book and that etude drives either me or my lame bow technique crazy: Allego vivace and four aces…. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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    spiccato, a delicate balance between controlling the bow and losing any tension and letting it bounce. It should be named the zen of violin bowing. i have even seen videos where the violinist actually lifts the 3rd and 4th fingers off the stick to let it bounce more. The stroke itself isn’t so difficult, but the literature where it is used is usually relatively quick tempo, with tricky fingering, so for me, it’s the coordination of the bounce with the l.h. finger movements. aaahhhh!

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    Laurie Trlak

    The thing I find most difficult is maintaining the crisp, clean sound of the bow when I have to change strings, especially when I have to move to the d or g strings. Then I get a sound that my former teacher in Kokomo called “too active.” In other words, it starts to be scratchy.

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    Ladbrooke Bomeke

    Like it’s pretty much been stated, the more I try to control it the worse it sounds. I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. I find it works best for me when I think about doing V motion strokes on the strings and keeping the motion rather a shorter distance from the strings. The further you bounce the bow off the string, the harder and longer it will take for it to strike the strings again and results in a more screechie sound. Learning Beyond the Veil by Lindsey Stirling really got me comfortable with this technique and being able to go from Spiccato to to legato quickly.

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    The thing I have the most trouble with when playing spicatto is trying to make my arm relaxed. It always stays tense because I’m obviously subconsciously trying to control the bow that way but man! It most certainly does not help haha

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