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    Michael Sanchez

    There are many potential reasons for loving your musical instrument. Why do you love the cello?

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    Phillip Sindlinger

    Here are six great reasons to love the cello. I could be mistaken, but have these also been transcribed for other instruments?

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    Mackenzie Alldrin

    I never get tired of hearing those pieces. So incredible… They have been transcribed for all kinds of other instruments. We’re not the only ones who love the suites!

    What I love most about cello has got to be the range. Low enough to fill out the bottom end of an ensemble and rumble along, yet we can play high enough to cut through the orchestra and really be heard. I also really like accompanying fiddlers, especially celtic styles. Playing along with rhythmic grooves and getting to do chops is so fun!

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    Sophia Chan

    I personally don’t play cello (i’ve tried but it seems my fingers are a bit weak so it is difficult for me) but i really love the lower register of the cello. the cello has that perfect in-between sound of not being too low like bass and not too high like violin/viola. i really fell in love with it’s sound after discovering the piano guys (their cellist always looks so happy when they play 🙂 ) here’s one of their videos with cello only

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    I love the deep, rich sound of a cello. I don’t play either(maybe . . . MAYBE some day haha) but when someone is on with a cello, I just have to stop to listen. And Sophia, the Piano Guys are great, I love the Star Wars dueling cellos they did. The 2Cellos guys are also really good. Love their Smooth Criminal cover

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    Chris Guleff

    Ah, the cello is such an expressive instrument, rich in timbre, and quite versatile. I have a recording of some Mantras chanted by Tibetans monks accompanied by cello. It so fits the character of the chants — I just love it! I have taken a few cello lessons, although my best and most favorite instrument is the viola. I hope to take more lessons in the future to see how well I can do . . . and, playing the cello is quite different from playing violin and viola.

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    Playing the cello for almost six years really makes me feel good. I guess it’s because of the low and timbre sounds making the cello sound mellow. I also find it easier to play with than the violin and viola. All of them are great instruments, but the cello gets more credit this time. I am thankful that I get to play an instrument and master it greatly.

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    I love the way the sound of the cello fills me up with this incredible feeling when I play. I love how it rests against my chest and all of its sound flows in and around me. It’s just a great instrument that I want to get much, much better at playing. So in love with it!

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    I am so glad they have written pieces for the cellos to shine like the Bach Cello Suite No.1 because usually cellos accompany and help the violinist shine.

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    I love the sound :))) its just breathtaking in my opinion. A month ago I heard Elgar Concerto in e minor and that made me pick up cello as well , cant imagine my life without it now.

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