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    I was given a book (Violin Notes, 2012 by Eleanore Hamilton) written by a 12 year old girl and she had 50 ideas to keep violin playing fun. I never thought of lying on the floor and playing but she did. Do you have a favorite book?


    Erin Garlock
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    sounds like a Lindsey Stirling style training manual.

    If I had to pick just one, my favorite book is probably the Wohlfahrt etudes. Some of the sound like they could be a real song, but there is everything technical you could need for a few/many years years, and there is a lot of variety in style. Some slow and dark, other light and bouncy and everything in between.


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    I too really like Wohlfahrt. But I also like this book with basic scales and arpeggios. I think it helps me to get a really good foundation. It’s not the most exciting stuff to play but once your intonation is improving it’s really fun to hear the notes ring, especially when playing the arpeggios. That’s what I love about it!

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