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    Ana Flores

    Speed, shifting, vibrato, third finger position, tempo

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    Vibrato for sure, but also just discouragement because I used to play so much better. I know it is a simple matter of consistently practicing and doing scales and etudes regularly to work on technique. I want to play more challenging and modern pieces as well as classical.

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    having a violin would help!

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    Erick Ruigu

    My biggest problem has always been very fast pieces. I love the slower and more vibrato type pieces and find the very fast tempo to be difficult

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    Rafael Vazquez

    Left hand pizzicato

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    Gahh. Keeping my left-hand in place when using my fourth finger to reach notes. I’ve gotten a little better at it, but it is very frustrating when I’m out of tune all of a sudden.

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    Brooksley Mihoch

    Struggling with my bow arm and all the ways to hold the bow for the different strokes.

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    karen l

    VIBRATO. When the teacher tells me to relax it’s impossible. It feels like holding a brick stone and then trying to break through it with the movement of only your wrists and finger tips

    SOUNDING SMOOTH somehow, my violin always sounds less vibrant from my teacher.

    FAST SIGHT READING I need time to observe the music piece and play it slowly. Then I will have to practice it unlike some people, they can just play any music they were given. Not me 🙁

    3RD POSITION Is HARD. I tried it but I can not get the intonation right or the pitch right either. It always sounds scratchy so I gave up on it after trying once.

    4TH FINGER I tend to avoid playing the fourth finger and play open strings, mostly because I can’t get the intonation perfectly.

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    Three Chord Monte

    I’m having trouble with vibrato.

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    For me is that it has no frets, haha

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