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    Michael Sanchez
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    As a beginner player what are your goals 1 year from now on your instrument? Would love to hear and give you guys some encouragement!


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    My goal is,
    1) Get my bowing technic and left hand fingering down to muscle memory. I spend a great deal of time concentrating on my technic.
    2) Have at least 6 intermediate songs learned on a performance level and memorized, so I can play for family and friends.
    3) Learn Vibrato
    4) Learn 3rd position
    5) Learn all Major scales in 1, 2, 3 octaves
    6) Be 100% better playing the violin next year than this year!


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    My goals are to be able to play vibrato and to be able to play a few good pieces from memory. I can’t seem to memorize anything and need to have my music in front of me, even when I’ve played something hundreds of times!


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    My goal is to be able in a year to express myself with the violin, that is to improvise in such a way that will be enough to show my thoughts and feelings. It is always my goal, even now. So I am practically sure that I’ll fulfil it. With the time the possibilities and techniques will become more and more advanced, but it is sometimes possible to express everything with 3 notes. 🙂


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    Hi everybody, very nice to read about your goals, hope you’ll be fulfilling them. 🙂 My goals are:
    – play all major scales in 2 octaves
    – learn 3rd position and have perfect intonation in that position
    – vibrato
    – play a nice forte and piano
    – have real smooth bow changes


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    Hoping to get just the basics. It will be hard so my expectations aren’t extremely high as of now.


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    I’d love to be able to do the following:
    – Play vibrato
    – Get my bowing to a point where I don’t make squeaks or make the bow shudder.
    – Fully read sheet music


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    I really don’t know, but I’m always trying to play the most difficult tunes first so… the sky xD


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    I’m hoping to learn to play simple tunes


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    mymy goal is to learn to -fiddle


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    play with my local university orchestra again in the spring, learn how to count proficiently so i can play a duet (lol), hmmm. i guess that is it. =)


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    As of right now I just want to learn the basics of everything from tuning to playing scales and simple tunes such as “Mary had a Little Lamb” from memory.


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    My goal is to buy a violin, read the violin music and start learning to play the violin.


    Raven Stovall
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    1) get the violin basics down
    2) to not make my violin sound like dying whales
    3) learn vibrato
    4) get better at sight reading


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    Hi Raven, that’s cool! If you practice hard and with the tips on this website you’ll be able to achieve that!! 🙂 How long have you been playing?


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    What a wonderful thread. I enjoyed reading all the responses. As for myself, as a rank beginner, I have modest goals. A year from now, I hope to be able to play a selection of Christmas carols:)


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    well, three months ago i would have said that my goal was to be able to count. it is going well now because i just had another lesson today and my teacher moved me on again! wooo! – the 2nd movement of mozart’s duet-i do believe it’s number nine. yay!


    Raven Stovall
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    I’ve been playing for 5 days 🙂


    Jeph Embree
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    I was inspired to start the violin when I recently started listening to Irish Pub music on Pandora. I’ll be practicing my scales so I can improvise and play along to that kind of music.


    Faith Shuecraft
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    To be able to play a song through without stopping. 🙂


    Valorie Bakker
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    My goal is to have the basic techniques committed to muscle memory.


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    My goal:
    1/ Play all major scales in 2 octaves, especially, with good intonation and have muscle memory.
    2/ Play through 5 etudes Wohlfahrt at appropriate rythm.
    3/ Play through Suzuki book 1 with similar sound to the sample records. I want to winden my skill and try various nuances.
    4/ Develop a warm and pure arm vibrato.
    5/ Perform some favourite songs for my friends and family.


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    I think those are great goals. It’s great that you have very specific goals. The more specific the more chances you’ll get there! My goals are:

    1/ Study Suzuki Book 3
    2/ Learn to play in position 3 and 5
    3/ Play fast 16th notes with a loose right wrist
    4/ Get a continuous vibrato
    5/ Keep having fun while practicing scales and etudes


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    to learn vibrato and eventually purchase a higher quality violin my ultimate goal is to be able to play “hes a pirate” from pirates of the caribbean

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