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    Hello Everyone,
    I was wondering what violin is best for experience level on the violin? I have seen so many different ones and people have told me that some are better for the beginner and some are better for the more experienced players. So what are the best violins for a beginner?
    Thank you all and best of wishes to everyone,


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    Yes…what is the advantage of a high priced instrument? Can everyone tell the difference?


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    I don’t know if I would want to begin on a real Stradivarius. I heard they carry well.

    This reminds me. There is a luthier here in the Phoenix area that was allowed to get all of the exact measurements of a real Stradivarius, and duplicate those measurements. He was able to find some really good wood. He doesn’t do this for everyone, but my wife had a friend that he made one for. He played for an orchestra in Glendale, Arizona. He is a really good violinist. I watched him play in a concert. This was his first concert with them. He was like last chair with the first violins. I was observing him playing. I noticed that he wasn’t using a lot of bow, which is uncommon for an advanced violinist. During the intermission he let me check out his violin. I plucked the strings. Wow!!! I figured out that if he used his whole bow, he would drown everyone else out.

    I found out that at the next concert he was the concert master.


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    Michael Sanchez could you please weigh in on this?

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