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    I borrowed one of my sister’s violins, which my mother had paid to have restored. It wasn’t top of the line, but it was at one time a decent violin… my sister played at a very high level at one time. It suffered substantial damage over the years after my sister got away from playing. My mom paid a luthier to restore it. Now it goes out of tune within moments of tuning it. If it stays in tune, it does something strange. When the notes resonate and I stop drawing the bow– they decaying, ringing, resonating notes decay and warble in pitch quite substantially and then return to the original note! This is not my technique. It happens on open strings, and never happens on my $100 violin. What could cause that?

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    Scott Adams

    What you’re hearing is most frequently (if not always) associated with strings going bad. When the core breaks down this weird phenomenon happens. You also tend to hear the pitch fluctuate as you add and remove heavier bow pressure. When the luthier did the restoration, dis they put on new strings or put older ones on? How long ago was the restoration performed, and was it allowed to sit a long time after?

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