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    This topic is dedicated to sharing ideas and suggestions to help improve various aspects of the website and community!

    I looked for an existing topic and couldn’t find it, so if you have any ideas, feel free to share them here and get other visitor’s input, and if enough of the users agree with one, perhaps it could eventually be implemented!

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    One idea I had for the forum, was to try and organize it a little better, instead of having a list of categories and then pages of threads to sort through, all with only a few comments each. This is most apparent in the “A Place to Introduce Yourself” category. Usually that’s dedicated as a single thread, with new users commenting in that one thread.

    Now, I’m sure there’s a better way than this, but it’s just an example of how to organize and ‘condense’ some of those categories and sub-topics.

    — Forum Rules
    — A Place to Introduce Yourself

    Learning Violin
    — Beginner
    — Intermediate
    — Advanced
    — Adult
    — Fiddle

    Song Requests
    –Any Piece – We’ll Teach it

    Advice / Feedback
    — Instruments [Guide to purchasing instruments and what to look for, as well as reviews and comparisons]
    — Accessories
    — Video Feedback
    * It might be helpful to organize feedback by the person. A student can create his/her own thread/topic and post a new video in that same thread… versus making a new thread for every video.

    Other Instruments
    — Viola
    — Cello
    — Bass

    Networking [Professional Discussion]

    General Discussion

    Bugs / Site Suggestions
    — F.A.Q
    — Report Problem [Useful to see how many users have the same problem]
    — Site Requests / Suggestions

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    Valorie Bakker

    And how about a section (especially for us newbies) about the care and feeding of a violin? Tips on what to do if you break a string, collapse a bridge, and any other care topics. Put them all in one place. Label it “toolbox”.

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    That’d be a great thread to include under the “Introduction” section, I think! Great idea.

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