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    I sure was! I guess I thought I would get thrown out for not having talent or an “ear” or something. He is, however, a nice man and a good teacher. Some of that nervousness was from having previous bad experiences with a voice teacher that I had worked with for seven years..

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    I always get terribly nervous. It’s awful. I think with time and experience it will get better. I find if I ask for a few min at the beginning to warm up and do scales on my own that helps a lot.

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    Priscilla Gaskins

    I sure was- I felt very nervous first starting- and even after all this time still don’t play as well as I do at home for the teacher

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    murakami sandy

    even if i was a bit nervous at the beginning the few lessons i had with my teacher were great. he helped me understand how fun the violin can be, and also share his own experience. he really put me at ease?

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    I still get nervous when I play in front of my teacher… Not very nervous but quite a little. Sometimes better, others worst. And my teacher helps a lot, making really fun clases, but like Priscilla, I’m best alone at home 🙂

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    Not really, I was excited. I’d already known my teacher for years, since my grandmother did ironing for him before I finally got to join his beginner class at school in 6th grade.

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    I haven’t started lessons again on violin yet, since I need to practice what I know to do first, but just had my first lesson with a new piano teacher. I was horribly nervous and anxious. My previous teacher quit giving lessons, so it was not my choice to change.

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    To be nervous is completely normal. I still get nervous from time to time, and my play is totally horrible on that moment. The tension give you more chances of making mistakes. Is a matter on getting relaxed the teacher is not going to eat you! 🙂

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    The first time I met my current university violin professor, I was totally nervous! Here I was, feeling like a small town nobody and one of the best violinists in my country was about to listen to scales and repertoire that I’ve only been practicing for about a week. I was expecting him to be like an old time, hard core, makes students cry type of a teacher. But, he was totally the opposite! There are times when he is strict, but 75% of the time he is down to earth, funny, and super caring for his students.

    I think the important thing to remember is that, no matter what their reputation is, all teachers are human. They have families to care for, and other hobbies, just like you. They also can have good days and bad days. If you happen to schedule a lesson when they are in a bad mood, that’s not your fault. At the end of the day, all teachers want is to see you improve. It’s ok to feel nervous at first, because you don’t know what to expect from them or how they will go about critiquing you. They could be a bit nervous about teaching you for the first time too! He or she doesn’t know how you will react to their criticisms, or if you will completely understand the first way they explain something, or get confused or frustrated easily, or if you will even practice before your next lesson. But, these feelings should go away quickly for both of you. Your teacher should be your rock; the one person who you can confide in about your struggles and the first person to cheer on your victories. Playing for your teacher isn’t like playing for a mass audience. It’s playing for your best buddy. If it doesn’t feel that way over time, then perhaps you haven’t yet found the best teacher for you. And that’s ok too, everyone has their own learning style and teaching style. It’s just a matter of finding the best fit.

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    Chantelle thank you so much for posting. Yeah, you should be able to feel comfortable with your teacher. I learned some of that the hard way.

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