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    Has anyone ever noticed a change in the sound of your violin/fiddle after playing for a half hour or so? Mine seems to get warmer and darker. At first I thought that maybe it was just me getting my bowing hand tuned up but I’m beginning to think that maybe it is a wood thing. Any comments or experiences?

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    Yes I have noticed that after my fiddle warms up it sounds better but I was thinking that was also because I was warmed up as well and just playing better.

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    Dianne Adkins

    Hello! This is a scientific fact, which if researched we could probably learn it is a wood thing on a molecular level. I found an interesting article and discussion on this topic. Everyone has an opinion but most agree it is a thing!

    Breaking In A Violin

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    Maybe this applies to any wooden instrument. Thus the phrase “Warming up”? I had never thought of it that way before.
    BTW, very interesting thread Diane. Thanks for attaching. The humidity cycling thing has me wondering.

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    It makes sense that as temperature changes so would tone.

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