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    Phillip Sindlinger

    Almost every time that I experience a grand Las Vegas summer monsoon cloud outburst or read about the reports of a fierce American summer thunderstorm, I think of that red-haired Italian man named Vivaldi and his great collection of work that culminates in the “Summer” portion of his “Four Seasons.” (I also am loath not to forget that it was an Italian summer thunderstorm that killed the English poet Shelley.)

    From my ear, this summer music of Vivaldi that I have heard played seems incredibly difficult and yet ironically simple to enjoy,

    I still tend to prefer Kennedy’s or Bell’s version of it, but I am sure that there are many equally good that I have not heard or remembered, and if you believe it I remain a gender unbiased, fan of it, really. For anyone who takes Vivaldi’s Summer seriously deserves a good barbecue from me, and I am his or her true fan. Since summer is a coming in soon, so soon, and it comes along quite fiercely now and then, someday soon I hope to get the music to this song and somehow play it gracefully.

    Okay, Michael, you asked and I gave. I nominate the music piece of Vivaldi’s summer Have you ever heard any sort of a modern jazz version of it? Just though I’d ask.

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    I really like this song.

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