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    Ok! I’m brand new… I used to have a violin, but it scared my toddler (even if I made it sound pretty :P) so I got rid of it, thinking I needed an electric. I didn’t know about mutes.

    Ok. So I love all three instruments, but which is best for a beginner? Do they all play the same? Can you sing and play cello?

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    If you become a singing cellist or violinist, your audience will appreciate it immensely as it is unusual. People always appreciate unusual combinations. But I think it is absolutely possible!
    A video to give you some inspiration to try different things.

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    Elizabeth Davis


    Any of the three would be as easy or difficult to start. You should pick the one that appeals to you, that you’ll want to play!

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    Mackenzie Alldrin

    With any of these instruments you can alternate playing and singing, but the cello is the easiest to sing and play simultaneously, because your neck isn’t all craned over when you play cello. I often sing and play at the same time, and since you sit up so straight when you’re playing, you are already in good singing position!

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    Chris Guleff

    Interesting . . . although I’ve played all three stringed instruments, I never thought about singing at the same time! It always seemed more like something for pianists and guitarists. The only reason I would think to choose to play one or another of the three would be in the case of a small adult. In that case the violin would be much more accessible than the viola or cell.

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    William Bickerstaff

    Violin… and after a few months of playing and practicing my kitties are staying in the room as I do it.

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    I have played Violin for a few years. Haven’t played in a while but I love playing Violin, but honestly wouldn’t mind learning how to play other instruments including the Flute. Although not an Orchestral Instrument I have always thought it made such a pretty sound. When I was in Middle School we had one Flute Player in our Orchestra. I’m not sure why because we did have a Band Program as well. But it was the neatest thing ever!

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    Agreed. Violas are the best. Of all the instruments in the orchestra, the violas are the ones that will being you to tears the quickest with their amazing melancholy and beautiful timbre.

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    I would agree with the previous comments as you would want to go with the one that appeals most to you. Just so it makes it easier for you to practice. I also really enjoyed the video that was posted in here. Very funny

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