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    Michael Sanchez

    We’ve had the new site now for 2 months–would you guys give me some feedback about the site? I value all your responses!

    1. How do you like how the forum is developing? Do you have any suggestions for improvement?
    2. Are you enjoying the blog articles?
    3. Have you found the lessons helpful?
    4. What do you think about the webinar classes?

    Thanks for all your feedback. I hope the website has been inspirational and helpful for all of you.

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    Michael, You are doing great! You have a large following and that will increase as more find you! The way to have the others get over their fear of the video camera is to have each person post a video of themselves playing at least one note? I have had about 100 videos of myself on you tube for business promotion and know there is some apprehension about displaying oneself in public. I made a video the other day with the fiddle and came to realize while listening, how really poor the performance was. It’s a great way to see one’s mistakes! keep up the great work! ……. john

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    I absolutely love this site. It’s helped me a lot and I visit it whenever I can. I love being able to ask not only Michael but other experienced players advice on techniques. Also, the lessons are very helpful for violinists of any level and this website as a whole has been very beneficial to me.

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    I am enjoying the site in all aspects, although I have not had the time to get involved much in the forum. I think it is a wonderful resource!

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    1. Love the forum, great way for us to meet other violin players.

    2. Yes

    3. Always

    4. I am enjoying them…would like to see a few them between 3-5 PM CST…I understand though that your schedule might not work with those times.

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    I visit the forum just about every day. I read all the new posts and find them interesting. I check the lessons section and re-watch some of the videos to ingrain the info on my brain. I love, love the webinars, especially in the new format with the scales, the screen shots of how to play a piece. I see as many classes as I can b/c I also learn something even if the class is below my ability level. I really like the fiddle classes as this is a relatively new experience for me. Thanks, Michael for a great learning resource.

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    1. How do you like how the forum is developing? Do you have any suggestions for improvement?
    I don’t participate much in the forum simply because I work all day on computers and don’t use them much for recreation. I do try to check in whenever Michael requests us to, however, because I want to support him and this endeavor.

    2. Are you enjoying the blog articles?
    The blog articles are invaluable for learning technical skills that I am still trying to master. They are an excellent, “evergreen” documentation of many things that Michael covers in the webinars (like bowing techniques), and together, the blogs and webinars dovetail nicely (like having a book version along with the videos). Often, after viewing a webinar (and especially while practicing), I go to the blog to locate information about what Michael has demonstrated or said so that I can also read more about it…and if I am still having trouble, I also look for a video in case there is one to demonstrate in detail what I am not clear on.

    3. Have you found the lessons helpful?
    OHMYGOSH YES! I just wish I could execute the technical aspects given in the lessons. It is easy to “raise my hand” to indicate I understand something that Michael has demonstrated or described to us in the webinar and an entirely different thing to then be able to translate that understanding into physical performance. There is brain knowledge and kinesthetic knowledge. In my case, the disconnect is a chasm.

    4. What do you think about the webinar classes?
    I really like and enjoy them and have signed up for probably more than I can handle. I need to eek out more practice time to master the skills required by each class…and because the pace is rather swift and music selections get covered in a few short classes, I have not yet mastered the playing of any of the music…but I continue practicing the songs, and I am truly enjoying the opportunity to play such rich and varied music.

    I particularly like Michael’s teaching methods. He does a great job of sharing his screen and the sheet music notations and also playing the passages to demonstrate the skill he wants us to perform or sound he wants us to play. Also, he is very generous in his interaction with us students–accommodating our requests and offering personal comments, encouragement, and suggestions while conducting the classes. He has a real gift for teaching and a joy in playing that directly translates into a general enthusiasm within the group. I marvel as his energy because conducting these webinars back to back is probably exhausting, but he never exhibits anything but enthusiasm, and his joy has translated into my renewed efforts to improve my skills. The classes and this website came at at time when I was thinking of putting away my instrument due to a personal frustration with my playing ability. The webinars and features on this site have given me a renewed passion for the violin. The sound of my playing has improved rather significantly; and now, because of what I have learned in Michael’s webinars, when I start screeching and hitting other strings as I bow, I have a better idea of what is causing the problem and can adjust for it

    Thank you, Michael. And thanks to all the Violin Tutor Pro staff.

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    1. I often read the forum, but not every day.
    2.Yes, occasionally
    3. The lessons are a valuable tool.
    4. The webinar classes and enjoyable and fun! I am in the listen only mode, but am able to interact by raising my hand or asking a question. Thank you!

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    I visit the website daily now and enjoy following the forums. Although I don’t post too much myself, I enjoy reading them and I hope to one day have the confidence to participate more. I need to learn how to operate the video recording technology that is available to me and hope to have the courage to post one for review. The blog articles are interesting and have given me many additional resources to expore. The lessons are helpful and I refer to them regularly for help with the fundamentals that I am struggling with as a beginner. The webinar classes seem to be evolving very nicely. I appreciate the ability to ask questions and Michael is a great teacher! After attending a few of the different webinars, I have decided which is the best fit for my skill level (3-12 Months Experience and Beginner Fiddler) and will focus on those for now. I feel more and more connected to the ViolinTutor Pro community with each webinar I attend and am practicing and playing more because of it. Thanks!

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    1. I enjoy the forums and reading other posts. Although I don’t post much being that I also play guitar, and piano, and have other hobbies I don’t have time to write posts.
    2. Yes. I enjoy reading the blog articles.
    3. Yes. I have learned a lot from the lessons
    4. The webinar classes are a good way of teaching a large group. The best way to learn for most would be of course, to have a private teacher sitting in front of you. Good Private violin teachers are expensive, and I found, hard to come by.. For your webinar classes I think having split screens showing right hand bowing, left hand fingering, and the sheet music up and in HD, plus being able to video record the lessons so members can review whenever they want, would be a great feature.

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