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    Hello– I play the violin in an orchestra and we have seating auditions coming up. As a result, my teacher and I have been going through the piece, and we noticed that I do not play as clear as I should (or could). I tested my skills on my teacher’s violin, which has Obligato strings, and I sounded much better. We chalked it up to the strings being worn out or simply not a good fit for my violin, and hoped that Obligatos would be better.

    However, those strings on my violin don’t sound nearly as nice as they did on the other violin– they end up becoming too bright. I know that strings can vary from bright to overly bright just based on the instrument that they are placed on, but does anybody have a recommendation for a string that isn’t as “generally” bright as the Obligatos are? I currently have Dominant strings, and the violin store near me suggested the Vision strings, but I wanted to hear some second opinions.

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    Scott Adams

    Hi there! What a great question. Obligatos are generally fantastic strings! May I ask how long you’ve had the strings on your violin? Obligatos are known to have a fairly long break-in period where they’re pretty bright, as do many synthetic strings like them. After about a week of regular playing, they will mellow out and have a nice, warm, and complex tone. That’s typically what folks report when they have them on their instruments.

    As for the Visions, they’re actually brighter than Obligato after they settle. Dominants have a metallic tone when they’re first put on, but also mellow out. They don’t have as dark of a broken-in sound as Obligato, though.

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    EL Go

    Would you recommend Obligato strings for a beginner to intermediate player as well?

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