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    Recently got a small scratch on my violin and have a small surficial crack in the face which I think is due to the extreme humidity changes in Nova Scotia . Been reading a lot about varnish and it sounds like most people leave dings and scratches as long as they are not major aka effecting the sound or structure of the instrument. What are peoples thoughts on surficial splits and cracks ? Thanks

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    What about rosin? How is the best way to clean it off the wood?

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    Hey Kathyk !

    I usually do a really good job with a cloth wiping it down. I’ve read that varnish contains rosin so the rosin from your bow really wants to bond to it so rub it off ASAP. If you can’t or some is left over there is rosin removers. I bought some rosin remover for my strings cause after a couple weeks they get really sticky. I am careful not to touch the wood cause I don’t have a plosih. However from what I’ve read most people do jot even polish their instruments. One old luthier was breathing heavily in the instrument and literally rubbing his vapour onto the violin to polish it. You may be able to use some rosin remover for a few spots but id be worried it would damage the varnish if it does infact contain rosin as well. What do others think ???

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    Dianne Adkins

    Splits and cracks in the wood are a bit more serious than scratches and dings. They have the potential to grow into bigger problems. If your violin is an expensive one, I would have it checked by a repair person. If it is a student violin, you could take the precaution of cleaning the surface really well, then apply some wood glue (its like elmers glue) directly on the crack so it sinks into the crack. Then take a soft cloth and with one swipe, take all the excess glue off so none remains on the surface, just inside the crack. Doing this will help prevent the crack from splitting further. It depends on where the split is located too and how big it is.

    If it is just a scratch, you might be able to use some violin polish to buff it out.

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