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    How many of you out there were getting discouraging comments when you mentioned taking up violin, such as “Oh that is SUCH a hard instrument to learn!” or “You have to start really young!” ? I was affected by this and for many years ignored my dream, now that I have started learning I am getting so much encouragement, both from my face-to-face teacher and on this website. What were YOU told and how did or affect your decisions or approach to learning violin?

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    Kay Clift

    I never received discouraging comments from friends or family. I am lucky that I have a strong support system….when I have recitals they all come. I am a retired adult learner.

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    I also have never received discouraging comments from others. Most people are amazed that I am undertaking such a hard instrument to learn and are supportive. I am also retired and an adult learner. I understand that the violin is the second hardest instrument to learn first being the bagpipes, so I have put them on hold for a while, ha ha.

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    I really receive support. My husband, who is the principal “affected” by practice hahaha… I think he is amazed that I put such effort to learn a hard instrument, I am very satisfied with my progression and he is also. In fact, he is pushing me to buy a better instrument, because he knows how I like the violin.

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    Laura Melis

    I can’t play on the weekend or when my husband is home. He doesn’t care for it. The thing I find hardest about the violin is that there isn’t a generous learning curve. It seems eirher you sound good or don’t play. Not like the guitar or piano where you play a simple song as a beginner and can pull it off. But still I struggle on, I know it will be worth it because it’s music. My goal is to play on the edge of some mountain lake in the moonlight all by myself and just hear the voice of my violin.

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    Laura Melis, have you considered getting a silent practice mute and a closed door? Others can barely hear the violin outside the room, but you will be able to hear your own playing. Check out this on at Michael’s shop!
    Ultra Practice Violin Mute

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    My mother was shocked when I said I wanted to learn violin. She felt, with all my finger problems, it was a pipe dream. I had never received much encouragement about learning an instrument, outside of teachers, until about two years ago. Once I started taking lessons, I started getting encouragement from my aunt and cousin. Mom came around later. Now, my main discouragement comes from me, because I don’t feel like I practice enough. Aside from an extended illness, I don’t want to disturb mom.

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    I think the problem is encouraged because there are some teachers out there who have experienced having many adult beginners quit. Adults don’t have parents to force them, or bribe them, to go to lessons when it gets tough. They are driven to practice and continue lessons through their own motivation alone, and that is what’s so challenging about learning violin later in life. Because of this, I’ve known some teachers who don’t want to take on adult beginners since they don’t want to watch another person get easily discouraged and quit. In a way, it is a self fulfilling loop.

    However, with how many adult beginners I’ve spoken to through this community, I think that way of thinking is starting to change. Instead of parents “making” you guys learn, this community is full of people who encourage each other and offer help when needed. Sometimes that’s all it takes to stay motivated and not quit, and that’s really awesome!

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    murakami sandy

    everyone told me that the violin was one of the most difficult instrument and no one around me encouraged me. but i’ve met a violin teacher who told me that the violin was much easier than the piano and encouraged me very much?

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    Laurie Trlak

    I started playing as a child, and no one told me then it is very hard to learn, so I didn’t worry about it. As an adult I’ve heard many people say that, but it’s too late for me to get discouraged by that, lol. Yes, the violin is hard. When you first start playing it doesn’t sound good, no matter how good the instrument is. It’s something you really have to want to do.
    I’ve also been told (by a teacher no less) that you have to start by age 6, which I think is absurd. I believe anyone, no matter how old, can learn to play, and the benefits of learning the violin at any age far outweigh any difficulty the instrument may pose. It’s good for the brain, it’s good for the spirit, and it’s good for the body.

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