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    About a year ago I bought a very cheap violin which I now know is practically worthless. I bought a brandless white spray painted violin that you can get for 60$, got the full kit. About a month ago I learned the violin wasn’t broken but the bow needs tightened to work and started learning. After getting into it I thought I’d start upgrading slowly, figuring buying the good stuff then the lesser needed first. I replaced the bow which had a curve like no other to a Fiddleman top of the amazon. Was fairly displeased with how it worked so bought rosin at a shop in my town for five dollars and it made a world of difference. Upgraded to 20$ rosin which was for solos and etc., slight difference but only in smoothness. I thought it’s most likely because the strings are too cheap to handle the quality. Researched a little on what to upgrade when upgrading. Ordered strings, and a bridge while I was at it. 8$ bridge but I think what makes a bridge good is the fitting. I want to fit it to something that will last and I’ll be happy with for a couple year. I also learned that violins have a soundboard inside, I thought it was hollow so the wood type wouldn’t matter much. The problem is I can’t find an empty violin without all these unnecessary stuff adding up the price. I have 250$ dollars spare for this, I can build up more money but I’d rather get a proper cheap one now and practice and upgrade later.


    I have a 250$ budget and would like to buy a violin body, I have good strings ordered, a bridge, etc and want something to put them on that isn’t a 60$ plywood violin. If it isn’t worth it I can save up more but would like something sooner.

    If not I plan on buying this,

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    Scott Adams

    Hi Adryan. Welcome to the forums! I can see you’re interested in learning all you can about the instrument as you learn. That’s a great quality to have, and it should help you as you pair your body and finger motions with the violin.

    What you’re attempting to do with re-building a violin is really not the best approach – especially as someone who is inexperienced with instrument making. If your goal is to learn, and on an instrument that serves you well as a beginner, then you should be looking for a violin that is already well-made as a complete package (ie. not one piece at a time). What you’re discussing with replacing bridge, strings, and rosin are all supplementary items. The bridge can make a good violin sing, but it does not improve a poor instrument. Strings can emphasize the better qualities in an instrument, but that doesn’t matter until you know how to play them properly. A good rosin will improve the bow’s grip, but it will not give a violin any better sound that it’s able to produce on its own. Cheapo block rosin will get you started and let you hear the violin’s sound quite well.

    What I’m trying to say is, find a complete instrument and get started playing. But, may I offer an alternate suggestion for an instrument? The one you have linked to on Amazon is a gamble. It’s always better to deal with a company with a personal touch when choosing an instrument. The option to “try-before-you-buy” is an invaluable thing! Michael Sanchez (creator of this site) also runs Superior Violins (), which offers absolutely fantastic options for beginners, intermediate, and beyond. The best part is that he offers rental options for the lower-priced violins, which can then be smoothly transitioned toward credit in purchasing higher-tier instruments. The monthly payments may be to your liking, as they start at $10, $15, $35, or custom payments based your budget ability.

    Here are a couple of options you may be interested in considering:
    Lauro Matteo Violin
    Raul Samuela Violin

    Again, keep in mind that the prices are retail, and a starting place. Michael is always able to work out deals and payments based on personal budgets. Please let me know if I can clarify anything for you!

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