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    I was playing with ‘garage band’ and fired up the violin , choosing the NOTES view, which gives you the first few frets and strings. I’ve tried out 2 vibrato strategies. This first is where you start with the tip of the finger and then collapse the finger down, basically pressing the fiirst joint down on the string. The second method i tried was doing the vibrato using the tip of the finger .. rolling from one end of the nail to the other.
    Anyway.. i held up my iPad in my right hand in a sort of holding the violin position. and tried the finger motions on a note on the iPad screen. I was surprised to find that the vibrato actually sounded PRETTY GOOD !..
    now of course, you are not using the most correct arm/wrist moments , but that finger movement (especially the first method i described) can be practiced on the iPad.
    i just thought that if any of you haven’t tried this yet. it would be fun to share your experience…
    i know some of you are looking at this message in horror, and if you are, i hope you are accompanying your horror with the appropriate Alfred Hitchcock scratchy violin accompaniment (usually used for shower scenes with naked woman and male intruder with large knife).
    Being a beginner, i know you are good at scratchy screechy violin playing.

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    Garage band. Hmmmm. Haven’t tried this. You have to like pick your instrument violin of course then practice rolling finger left and right on each string of course.

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    Clever idea!

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    Victoria Anderson

    I’m deffinetly checking this one out!

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    Dianne Adkins

    If you can get a desired sound from an undesirable movement, I would not work with it too much!

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