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    I have never travelled with a violin before but this time I wanna take it with me. Any special considerations I would have to keep in mind?


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    If you have it in your trunk be sure to consider the temperature. I guess some people would check their violin on an airplane, but it would never leave my sight.


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    On an airplane it’s no problem to keep you violin as a carry-on. I’ve had to check other instruments before that were too large and it’s not a comfortable feeling. I also bring my violin with me whenever we go somewhere. I haven’t ever had problems with mine. I’ve heard people warn me about watching the heat and heard horror stories about what can happen if left in the heat too long, so I’d be careful with that.


    Christie Morehouse
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    I just discovered I can rent a practice violin while on vacation


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    Don’t keep a violin in the car outdoors in the winter!


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    Another thing to keep in mind is if you’re flying for long periods, loosen the strings a bit. Sometimes the instrument can be damaged by the extra pressure alone.


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    I’m taking mine on vacation in a few weeks. I’m nervous, but I’m not leaving it unattended any longer than I have to. Hopefully, not at all.


    EL Go
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    Wrap it up in a very warm blanket if you have to take it outside in freezing cold weather!

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