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    Faith Shuecraft

    I’m new to the violin, Any tips would be appreciated. thank you. 🙂

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    I’m no pro by any means but I’ll do my best to help you do you have any specific questions?

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    Daniel Ware

    Hey Faith, I’ve been thinking about starting to play violin too. I haven’t even touched a violin yet, but have been spending the last few months just learning everything I can about it while I save in hopes it would help when/if I get one. Things like what the basic fundamental techniques are and how to read music. I find looking at sheet music very intimidating and is one of the things that have me feeling uneasy. If you got to the Lessons tab above and go through the videos that Michael has done, I think that would be a great start whether you have a violin or not. Probably 95% of what I’ve learned just about the violin itself and how to read music has come through his videos and attending the classroom sessions. Everything is explained pretty well and this is coming from someone who has zero music background. Hope this helps.

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    Chirag Chauhan

    Go through the you tube violin channel of Violin Tutor Pro… Huge number of helpful videos by Michael..

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    I am also in the process of learning though with out an instrument myself at the moment. I watch videos and re-watch them I strive to not only learn as much as I can but to strengthen my memory that has been effected due to rheumatoid arthritis. So learning to read music might have to wait till I have some confidence in violin . I am lucky that I have a working musician brother on the east coast of Canada,he doesn’t play violin but just about every other stringed instrument . You need to figure how your learning style and work with that,the videos on this site will be good place and you can post videos of yourself playing ,adding any questions you might have right there. I know all the wonderful people here will help as much as they can. For myself I learn better in the beginning in my own. I believe you will do well because you are not afraid to ask. All the best!

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