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    Choosing the right teacher or instructor for learning violin is perhaps the most important task. A good teacher can make learning violin fun and a wonderful experience whereas a bad teacher can be make it frustrating and painful. So it is essential to always hire a skilled and great teacher for learning violin.

    Here is what you need to focus on when looking for a violin school:

    1. Reputation: A good music school providing violin classes will always have a good reputation. You need to read about the feedback and check the views of the students who have learnt violin from there.

    2. Experience and Qualification: You need to check out the qualifications and the specific knowledge and experience of the violin teacher providing
    violin classes
    . An experienced teacher will always teach his/her students as per their skill and level.

    3. Motivation: The best teachers know how to motivate their students. Many a times, you may feel down and think of giving up. But a great teacher will never let you quit and will motivate you to do better each day. Look out for someone who is enthusiastic and knows how to motivate his/her students.

    4. Attention to Detail: A violin teacher must provide violin lessons from the basics. They should make you learn the techniques from the beginning only as bad habits like poor posture can be hard to leave later on.

    5. Cost: This is the most essential thing you need to look out for when looking for a music school providing violin lessons. Many music school charges on hourly, weekly or monthly basis while others charge for the whole course. Prefer one which fulfills your requirements.

    This post will help you in choosing violin classes. Please share your experience here.

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    I am happy to say that my “in person” violin teacher meets these requirements and I also joined violin tutor pro today and am looking forward to having more than one type of feedback, as I feel that is valuable.

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    I totally agree. And in my experience, motivation is an essential question, specially for adult learners. My “in person” teacher 😉 is fantastic for this, is enthusiastic but also clear with my expectatives of sound and progression, and I have made a great advance in this first months.

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