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    Chris Guleff

    When considering purchasing a new instrument, so many factors come into play:
    1. How much able I realistically able to spend?
    2. Would the amount I’m able to spend at this point purchase a suitable instrument or should I wait and save more money for a better one?
    3. What is the best source to purchase my desired instrument — the internet, from a local dealer, from a private individual?
    4. What are the best sources of information on the pluses and minuses, quality and value for the cost of purchase?

    I’ve made several instrument purchases in my lifetime. I was especially proud of some of my decisions, for example, a beautiful viola made in China and a great deal on an electronic piano. Others were stopgaps. Some were not so good and i lost interest in them.

    What have been the experiences of others on this forum?

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    If you don’t have enough money. Please don’t spend it on a cheap or violin look alike product.

    Don’t buy things from online unless the site is giving a chance to “try before you buy”. have a good option in this regard

    If you are buying locally get help from your teacher/your friend who knows about the instrument very well. To know about instruments available online there are many comparison videos. Michael Sanchez himself have comparison videos.

    I had a bad experience with purchasing a china violin online without knowing much about the instrument. So I strongly discourage that.

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    Chirag Chauhan

    Very valuable tips… There are much excellent china violins too. Doing the research well before purchasing is the best way to go.

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    Dianne Adkins

    You may have seen me post this before, but SuperiorViolins offers a payment plan on any instrument you choose to buy. They also do financing, with a ZERO interest for the first 6 months. With the ‘try before you buy’ policy, and the trade in program which allows you to upgrade any instrument you buy from them, you can’t go wrong. But there’s more. I have evaluated several of their instruments and, as a teacher who as directed the purchase of violins for many students, I am very impressed with both the quality and prices offered by their products. In addition to that, they have a sale going on almost all the time. If you have any questions about my experience with these violins please don’t hesitate to let me know. Here are some direct links to current sales on violins at SuperiorViolins:

    The Gia Rosana Violin Outfit Only $145.00
    Gia Rosana Violin
    The Lauro Matteo Violin Outfit Only $315.00
    Lauro Matteo Violin
    The Raul Samuela Violin Only $420.00
    Lauro Matteo Violin

    There are many more violins and other stringed instruments to check out at, including electric violins, violas, cellos and mandolins. They sell bows, cases and accessories too! But you probably already know that 😉

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