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    Chris Guleff

    The first time a touched or held a violin, I felt an immediate rush of pleasure from the beautiful curves, the lustrous finish and the smells emanating from the violin. This what inspired me to want to play and still gives me a special feeling over 50 years later. How do others on this site experience this instrument?

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    Oh yeah. It’s a love affair and I’m constantly trying to live up to my side of the affair. The vibrations from playing one note awakens soul.

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    Ah yes, my first violin goal was just to hold it and play one luscious note. I met it during my first lesson, and have been pretty much hooked ever since. I do not go to bed without at least tuning up my instrument and at least playing the one scale I know.

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    Yes, it is a love affair, and I can’t imagine not playing the violin.

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    Scott Adams

    I am absolutely in love with the look of my instrument. Also enjoy its uniqueness being a 5-string. I like to keep the case open and just pick it up whenever I pass by. Reminds me that I could be playing more. 🙂

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    I have wall hangar for violin and bow so if I have a few ninutes to wait I can just pick it up and play. It lets me leave the shoulder rest on so less time getting ready and I can play when the mood strikes me.

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