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    Raven Stovall

    My time with the violin was great and finding this site is the best thing that ever happened to me. It relieved my stress of finding a tutor and, though school kept me from attending most live streams, my time with Violin Tutor Pro has been valuable. I’ll now take this opportunity to say goodbye to you guys. You see, my violin is a rental. I had 3 months to play with it due to the costs towards keeping the violin. I loved every minute of it but my time has now come to an end. This site is wonderful and my experience here, friends, tutors and all is priceless. I will miss you all and my violin dearly. If good fortune finally decides it wants to shine on me and let me get a job I will surely buy a violin and come back here as quickly as possible. I will look forward to that day and I hope this site gets the popularity it deserves.

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