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    Dianne Adkins

    In this video, I discuss the various types of bowings in Suzuki Book II piece, The Two Grenadiers, and offer a strategy for memorizing the random bowings in the middle section.

    It is recommended that you master each type of bowing away from the music before trying to remember their combinations in this piece.

    Types of bowings:

    Jump bow – 2 down bows, lift and circle back, then set in between.

    Hook stroke – A long bow with a second note hooked on at the end in the same direction. Can occur on both up and down bows. Involves a dotted quarter + 8th pair.

    Skip bow – Like the hook stroke only faster. Involves a dotted 8th + 16th note pair.

    Pick ups – A single up bow that starts the segment.

    Slurs – 2 or more notes played on the same bow.

    Run Pony – A rhythm, in this case 1 quarter note + 2 8th notes, and always on the same note.

    The 7 Dwarfs can be seen outlined in music at the end of the video.

    Word Cues for the 7 Dwarfs:

    Dwarf #1:
    Pick up, Hook, 2 notes, slur, A

    Dwarf #2:
    Pick up, 2 Hook strokes, Jump bow

    Dwarf #3:
    Pick up, Run Pony, Hook

    Dwarf #4: (starts down bow)
    Two long As, Hook

    Dwarf #5: (starts up bow)
    Run Pony, Hook, 2, E

    Dwarf #6:
    Pick up, Hook, 3 more As, 3, 2, E

    Dwarf #7: (All separate bows)
    Pick up, Run Pony Run, 3, 2, A

    Recommended Practice: The Happy Farmer


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