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    Is anyone else working towards taking any examinations in violin playing?

    I am currently looking at taking the Australian Music Examinations Board Violin exam early next year. My teacher thinks I will be ready for the Grade One exam, but I am hoping to be working towards the Grade Two exam.

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    I am in the US but an English musician friend encouraged me to take the ABRSM exams. I am preparing for exams in October. I took two years of violin as a child and recently went back to studying, 36 years after quitting. I was preparing for the Grade 1, but I sent a video of me playing to a teacher in the UK whom I am hiring to help me prepare and he saud I should do Grade 2. Here’s the thing: Grade 1 is probably easy enough for me that hopefully I could do well in spite of nerves. Also, I don’t have a lot of polishing to do on my Grade 1 pieces and I know the scales well. Grade 2 is more of a stretch. He says I can do it, but I am also trying to build confidence each year by getting Distinctions, and I also want no holes in my skills. I’m a bit worried about skipping material.

    Then again, I looked at the material and it doesn’t look too hard… so that’s where I’m at. I’m just so glad my friend will be accompanying me. Having her at the piano will be amazing. I’ve never had a friend present during any sort of exam before… how fun! I’m treating her to lunch afterwards. It’s my Big Adventure and I am so glad to have a friend along for the ride.

    What is your prepartion experience like?

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    Hi silvergirl,

    I am the same as you wanting to earn Distinction for each exam I take. Puts more pressure on us, I know, but it keeps me motivated to try harder and not give up.

    Currently my lessons are currently revolving around the Preparatory Grade but my teacher throws in a lot of Grade 1 stuff. She thinks the Preparatory Grade is too easy for me, and I am somewhere between Grade 1 and Grade 2. At this stage I will be taking the exam in the first half of the year.

    Preparation at this stage is: scales, arpeggios, and a few easy pieces. My teacher wants me to get used to vibrato as well, as she says that it impresses the examiners at this level. Now it is really boiling down to my ability to keep practising as much as possible.

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