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    Summer Hoot

    Summer Hoot

    The guy in the pink hat is Jay Ungar.


    Anyone live in NY and want to have an amazing time! The Summer Hoot at Ashokan in Olivebridge NY is hosting a weekend of music, dancing and fun August 21, 22 and 23, 2015. My daughter and I like to volunteer – just 8 hours for the weekend to attend for free, including lodging and breakfasts! It’s a wonderful beautiful place! Lots of fiddling…donations to Hungry for Music accepted there too.

    Search Summer Hoot on the internet for a link for more info.

    Here’s a list of who will be performing –

    Jay Ungar & Molly Mason
    Jay Ungar & Molly Mason have devoted their heart and soul to The Ashokan Center and to playing American dance music. From country blues and swing to the beautiful fiddle tunes and waltzes that have become their signature sound, Jay & Molly make the Hudson Valley proud.

    Newcomers to the Hoot, “Astrograss lend stratospheric virtuosity to tunes ranging from Bill Monroe to Frank Zappa.” says The Village Voice.

    Baby Gramps
    “The Salvador Dali of Folk Music,” Baby Gramps is an energetic humorously entertaining performer with an endless repertoire. He plays a National Steel guitar, and sings his own unique arrangements of rags, jazz, & blues from the 20’s & 30’s, and many originals with wordplay, humor, and throat singing.

    The Big Takeover
    Back for their second Hoot, The Big Takeover is a unique concoction of backgrounds and spirits. Jamaican born and raised NeeNee Rushie sings her heart out with a playful horn section, pulsating bass and drums, and a hypnotizing rhythm section. This band fills our hearts with good vibes and solid joy – reggae to remember!
    Bobby Bird
    Bobby Bird is an eclectic American folk soul artist with a voice that’s been compared to Neil Young, Marvin Gaye and Smoky Robinson. He has been heard around the Hudson Valley and beyond, playing drums, guitar, and singing in his previous bands “Drugs” and “The Duke & The King.”
    Bobby Bird is an eclectic American folk soul artist with a voice that’s been compared to Neil Young, Marvin Gaye and Smoky Robinson. He has been heard around the Hudson Valley and beyond, playing drums, guitar, and singing in his previous bands “Drugs” and “The Duke & The King.”

    Caravan of Thieves
    When Fuzz and Carrie Sangiovanni of Caravan of Thieves first met, there was an instant spark, an intimate connection and passion for life and adventure. In 2008, Fuzz and Carrie extended their journey to include fiery violinist Ben Dean and double bass maestro, Brian Anderson completing their colorful vision. Since then, the four of them ran away from home and never looked back.

    Zach Djanikian
    We’ve had the pleasure of hearing Zach Djanikian (ja-NICK-ee-an) sit in at Levon Helm Studios on everything from mandolin to saxophone. His tasteful accompaniment and vocal harmonies put him in a tier with the best of the best. He tours in Amos Lee’s band and makes his off-the-road home in the Hudson Valley. Welcome to the Hoot, Zach!
    Dylan Foley
    A 4-time All-Ireland Fiddle Champion, Dylan has toured the US and the world, but he grew up right here in the Hudson Valley. Now, at the age of 22, Foley teaches privately, plays concerts, sessions and celli’s around the greater NY area and beyond. Check out his playing!

    Matt Heckler
    Truth: we’ve wandered the streets of Asheville, New Orleans, and Woodstock NY and heard the same familiar strains of a gypsy-esque violin wafting by… “Is that Heckler? Yep, there he is!” Maybe you’ve seen him play with band Deep Chatham, or on a familiar busking corner, or at a late night jam somewhere. What’s certain is that you’ll remember his energy and the excitement of his bow on the strings.

    Amy Helm & The Handsome Strangers
    Amy Helm has played a few Hoots already, but this year is extra special because she’s bringing her band The Handsome Strangers and she’ll be playing songs from her brand new solo album “Didn’t It Rain.” Click here to watch them play “Rescue Me” one of our favorite all-time summer jams. In the words of NPR Music, “It’s also a song that lets Helm’s glorious, soulful voice soar over a gentle piano and thrumming electric bass.”

    Love Waves
    First thing each morning you will hear the meditative and healing sounds of the Gongs ring out across Hoot Hill to bless the entire festival site. Love Waves is comprised of Neslihan Sukh Inder Lord and Theresa Widmann, Kundalini Yoga teachers from Anahata in Kingston. Love Waves is so very grateful to be a part of the magic of the Hoot and for the opportunity to bathe all Hootsters with the healing sounds of the Gongs.

    Erin McKeown
    Erin McKeown is a renowned songwriter, ace guitarist, activist, and all-around creative force.

    The Mike + Ruthy Band
    The new CD “Bright As You Can” by The Mike + Ruthy Band (that’s us your hosts!) has been called “a record about what it is to be human… about what it is to have an inextricable allegiance to tradition, while feeling compelled to speak for oneself. It’s a record that will grab you, that won’t let you go.” Click here to see a video of “Rock On Little Jane” from last summer. Folk Alley calls it” A fist-raising, you can do it, don’t ever stop trying anthem, one that inspires all kids, no matter how old we are, to sing along.”

    Elizabeth Mitchell & You Are My Flower
    It’s hard to imagine a Hoot without these guys. Elizabeth Mitchell and her family and friends bring beauty, honesty and joy to old folk songs and reinvented modern songs. They’ve been experimenting more and more with rhythms these days and can’t wait to play a lot of their new favorites on Hoot Hill!

    Moonshine Holler
    Moonshine Holler, the husband and wife duet of Paula Bradley and Bill Dillof, captures the essence of American music: hillbilly blues, ballads and breakdowns with some knock-your-socks-off flatfoot dancing to boot.

    Rik Palieri
    Rik Palieri is a veteran folk artist who will bring his fast banjo picking, exotic instruments, sing-a-longs, stories, and yodeling to the Hoot. After high school, he “hobo-ed” across America, playing his guitar and banjo for nickels and dimes and collecting songs wherever he went. These days he makes his home in VT when he’s not a-ramblin’ round. Hear a song.

    Professor Louie & The Crowmatix
    As the Village Voice says, “Professor Louie’s upstate ensemble is an Americana template that is timeless rock, country, blues and New Orleans influenced originals.” Professor Louie collaborated with The Band for over fifteen years and Professor Louie & The Crowmatix are the backing group for solo CD’s by Rick Danko, Levon Helm and Garth Hudson. We know them as a powerful local torch-bearers with a great blend of party and heart.

    Serious Juggling & Comedy
    Whether he’s juggling fire, hula-hooping in nerd glasses, or dexterously dancing with a bounty of balls in the air, Tony Duncan makes the Hoot funner, funnier, and fantastically fanciful. Take a workshop with him up at the Kids Tent and learn a trick or two!

    Rafe & Clelia Stafanini
    The fiery fiddle power of father-daughter team of Rafe and Clelia Stefanini will make you dance and smile real big! Rafe has played and taught old-time fiddle and banjo at Ashokan Music & Dance camps for decades. This spring they performed together live at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN where Clelia makes her home. Click here to here a tune!

    Story Laurie & Ira MacIntosh
    World-wise with a super homegrown vibe, Story Laurie is a mom, adventurer, and troubadour. As her name suggests, she weaves a great tale and enchants kids and grownups alike. She and Ira write about gardening, blueberry picking, wonderful worms, climbing trees, and jumping on the bed.

    Suitcase Junket
    You’ve got to check out what this one man can do – see his video for “Eileen” here. Born in VT and currently based in MA, Matt Lorenz is a nationally touring, slide-guitar playing, throat-singing one-man-band. But as impressive as his hands and feet are, “the songs are what you remember.” -The Boston Globe

    Tony Trischka & Michael Daves
    These virtuosos are joining forces duo-style to take us on a bluegrass adventure. Tony Trischka is perhaps the most influential banjo player in the roots music world. For more than 45 years, his stylings have inspired a whole generation of bluegrass and acoustic musicians with the many voices he has brought to the instrument. Heralded as “a leading light of the New York bluegrass scene” by the New York Times, Michael Daves grew up playing bluegrass in that grand old tradition of staying up late & singing real loud. We adore these guys.

    The Vanaver Caravan
    The Vanaver Caravan’s broad repertoire covers percussive Appalachian clog dancing and dance traditions of the world. In the words of Pete Seeger: “You’ll have to see The Vanaver Caravan to believe the high professional skills they have developed to bring out the old folk traditions – and then to see how they make the audience feel part of the show. In the end, everyone is on their feet cheering!” See a video of their Woody Guthrie show “Pastures of Plenty.”

    Loudon Wainwright III
    Loudon Wainwright is a Grammy Award winning songwriter, singer, humorist and actor. A few years ago we saw him perform at a festival out in Colorado and he had hundreds of us laughing full belly laughs and wiping tears from our eyes. Mojo Magazine called him “…one of America’s most astute lyrical commentators…lyrically compelling and emotionally overpowering.” This guy’s for real. Don’t miss him at The Hoot!

    The Wiyos
    The Wiyos have been rolling for over a decade. One of several “old-timey” bands to emerge on the national scene riding a renewed popularity of early swing jazz, rural folk, old-time blues and Appalachian music, they have opened for Bob Dylan, graced the screen of the BBC, and in 2012 they recorded a Wizard of Oz-inspired album called “Twist” which Chronogram called “A surreal Americana opus—Big Pink meets Pink Floyd.”

    The Zucchini Brothers
    The Zucchini Brothers deliver words of wisdom set to foot-tapping music. You may find yourself grooving out to a song about eating fruit, making friends, or even cleaning your room! One thing’s for sure, once you’ve seen ’em – you won’t forget ’em. These zucchinis are 100% healthy and 100% fun!!!

    Plus a few more performers still to be announced!

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    Michael Sanchez

    Wow that is wonderful Margaret, thanks for your post! I highly encourage anyone that is capable of going to this to attend! Thanks again for sharing this with all of us. 🙂

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