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    Ariel Polycarpo

    I had one violin stolen too, that’s why I always watch where I leave my instrument, even if I am in a safe environment. We get to be so attached to our instrument, it is hard to find a new one that we will be satisfied with.
    I’m sad to hear such stories!

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    Thankfully, I’ve never had a violin stolen, but I have had three guitars stolen over the years. Each time it’s been heart-rending. I truly believe there is a special hell for someone who steals a musical instrument.

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    I worry about this…so sorry for those who have lost instruments. Any theft is terrible, but we definitely do get attached to our instruments. So sorry for your loss and hoping for a miracle return.

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    On a more sombre note, I read that a violinist stole a famous violinst’s violin and played on it for many years…only confessed to the thievery on his deathbed. I wish you luck in obtaining your instrument back from whoever took it

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    Neo Dream

    Tonight I just played Lincoln Center on a Loaner Violin Chinese Crap it won’t say the brand . You should have heard it in that David Geffen Hall there may be a lead on one of my bows I hope it leads to recovery of my great French Strad violin which I miss so much. I am getting another French or Italian loaner on Wed from a reputable shop.

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    Neo Dream

    I have a correction to make the violin that performed so poorly for me at Lincoln Center on Sunday was not Chinese it was French sorry to cast the wrong aspirations. The loaner that I have now is from China it is a Zheng Quan master made instrument. I wish I could own it but I don’t have enough money. I was also loaned two bows both pernumbucco. I is a Satory copy and the other is a Dowd copy they both play great one is for lighter fare and the other is more Bachy so to speak. I wish I had my fiddle back. These bows and the fiddle are probably worth 15k plus. I can’t get enough work to pay them off it was nice of the patron a friend of mine to loan them to me.

    Again the junk violin was French the Nice Violin that I am using now is Chinese sorry for the confusion

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    I hope you get your violin and bows back. I would like to think that if the people that commit such despicable thefts realized how much of the artist’s life is spent with his/her instrument that they wouldn’t steal them in the first place, but in a lot of cases, they are musicians themselves – so they do realze how much the instrument means to the artist. To me, that makes the theft that much more despicable!

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    Neo Dream

    I just played in the same venue where my violin was stolen from needless to say I and the stage manager kept my violin case and bows under there eye all day. All beware or should I say be aware.

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    That is so horrible!! I would be devastated. I’m sorry that happened to all of you.

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    I am so very sorry to hear that ,some people have no conscience at all! Just don’t get discouraged and if you have photos of your violin and case post it everywhere and if there are any marks or light scratches that only you know post in your local paper and online.Purchase paper work keep on hand . I might suggest a go fund me page with your story and photos.If you can prove it then people would be willing to help. You may not be able to get the same one but at least you could play again. All the best

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