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    Christie Morehouse

    When should I take my stick on figer guide off the neck of the violin? I am still referring to it after 7 years

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    Have you ever tries it without the guide ?? I started in December and took off the guide during some cleaning and decided to try it without. It worked really well so the guide paid off. I sometimes use it for fourth finger use during classical pieces but any songs I know by memory I certainly don’t need it. Give it a try 🙂

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    I learned as a child without ever using any tapes or markers on the finger board. To me they would interfere with learning to listen for the correct pitch and make the tiny adjustments at the fingertip in order to be in tune. Also, might cause visual dependence on them rather than developing the muscle memory needed if used for too long. The first time I saw the tapes on finger boards was when I was in orchestra with beginners who had not had lessons and were using school instruments.

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    Scott Adams

    The short answer is “today.” But out of curiosity, when you say that you’re still referring to it, what do you mean? Are you looking at it to see why/how things don’t sound right when the finger lands incorrectly? Are you using it to remember pitch names? Either way, I still think you should rip off the proverbial band-aid. After seven years, I really think you know where things belong. The real issue now that it’s coming off (I believe in you!) is exercising your ears to recognize what’s going on when you realize something’s off. Your ear should be your sharpest tool when playing – not your eyes.

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    After that long, I don’t think you need it anymore.

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    Christie Morehouse

    Ok, I took it off! and I am doing just fine! still some tape residue, tho. any ideas on how to get it off safely?

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